Awakening Kundalini
The Path to Radical Freedom

An in-depth guide to experiencing Kundalini, the universal force of awakening.
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The universal force known as Kundalini has been shrouded in mystery for centuries, yet it influences our every breath, thought, and emotion. With Awakening Kundalini, one of the West's most respected teachers and researchers in the field explores this spiritual principle in unprecedented depth, with detailed guidance for discovering and working with it directly.

In India's spiritual teachings, Kundalini is known as the principle within that compels us to evolve and grow. Traditions across the globe have described it as a force that lies dormant within us and, when awakened, connects us to the energy of creation and profoundly elevates consciousness.

With his unique expertise in modern psychology, neuroscience, meditation training, and spiritual traditions, Lawrence Edwards clarifies the many dimensions of Kundalini awakening, including practices and meditations for recognizing its manifestations and preparing your body and mind to enter its expansive, empowering flow.

When worked with skillfully, Kundalini is the most profoundly transformative power in our lives. Awakening Kundalini makes available a complete and practical resource for tapping into this force, and realizing your ability to live "radically free."

Awakening Kundalini Endorsements:

"This book is a revelation—a grace-filled opening loving message for the heart that is a service to all of us, beginner, Initiate, Sage. It is a book about awakening that inspires awakening. It is a book about honoring the feminine that is a true sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine—remarkably clear and beautifully poetic. The book is elegant in the truest scientific/consciousness-based way—simple and so powerful. Lawrence Edwards supportively guides us on our own heroic journey in a way that demonstrates he is what he writes about — so humble and so wise, a real teacher."

—Andrew Hahn, PsyD., licensed clinical psychologist Founder and Director, The Guided Self Healing Training Institute

"Lawrence Edwards has given us an incomparable gift — one that I personally will treasure for the rest of my life: a detailed, compassionate and brilliantly clear guide to the greatest mystery and greatest revelation of our existence. It tells the story of his call through his early visionary experiences to the profound process of awakening known in the Yogic tradition as Kundalini, his meeting with his Indian teacher, Swami Muktananda and how his life unfolded from that fortuitous meeting. Drawing on the rich legacy of numerous traditions — including Jungian, Western psychology and scientific research — in addition to traditional yogic and mystical ones, his book is an incomparable aid in taking us beyond the confines of the delusionary certainties of our ego mind towards the experience of the deepest ground of our own being. Kundalini — known by other names in other spiritual traditions — is the path of reunion with the Divine Consciousness that lives and breathes in all of us: capable as he says, of transforming our mind, our body and every aspect of our lives. This is what might be called the “Direct Path to Union” and there is no-one better qualified to explain and teach it, or to accompany us on our own mythic journey of discovery."

—Anne Baring, senior Jungian analyst in the UK and author of The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul and The Myth of the Goddess

This book is an indispensable guide for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening. Dr. Edwards has devoted his life to studying and practicing the unfolding process of kundalini, the subtle spiritual energy within everyone that leads to the highest states of consciousness. His depth of knowledge, personal experiences, and devotional poems illuminate the pages of this extraordinary book.

"Acknowledged worldwide for his professional experience in guiding people along the spiritual path, particularly through the mysteries of advanced yogic practice, Dr. Edwards is a gifted and compassionate guide. His devotional journey will inspire all who read his book. It is destined to become a classic in the field."

—Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle, author Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows: A Couple’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s

"This book is 'state of the art'— a very ancient art brought up to date.

"Edwards explores spiritual principles with his unique expertise in psychology, neuroscience, meditation training and spiritual traditions. In fact, we believe that to date, this is the most comprehensive discussion of the Universal Life Force known as Kundalini in Eastern thought and Holy Spirit in the West. Western psychology has mapped our psychological and emotional development. Western medicine has mapped our physical development. Now Edwards shows us in unprecedented depth each step of our spiritual development through easy to understand stages that are also practical.

"Toward the end of this excellent read, Edwards helped us to experience the realization that we humans are capable of and entitled to the wonder and splendor of each moment."

—Charles L. Whitfield, MD, author of Choosing God: A Birdseye View of A Course in Miracles
—Barbara H. Whitfield, RT, author of Spiritual Awakenings: Insights of the Near-Death Experience and other Doorways to Our Soul

"Wise, elegant and inspiring!"

—Lee Lyon, Founder & Director of the Foundation for Integrative Meditation

"This book makes me very happy. First, as a woman, it is fundamentally reorienting to read the work of a man who is so joyfully devoted to the wisdom and transformative power of the divine feminine, Shakti Kundalini. As a psychiatrist, it is immeasurably helpful to have a clear framework to understand the gift of the extraordinary consciousness beyond our usual body-mind perspective. Understanding the creative process of Shakti’s unfolding in the evolution of our Self is a much-needed perspective in interpreting the physical, mental and emotional challenges that can arise in us, whether or not we are actively seeking to cultivate the vital flow of Kundalini. Interweaving poetry with thoughtful prose, Dr. Edwards provides detailed guidance for exploring meditative techniques and other tools to work with this ancient tradition in our everyday lives. Further, he provides a balanced treatment of the psychological process encountered in inner work, including important discussions on the healthful role of the ego-mind in the process of Kundalini awakening, and support for working with our shadow—essential but often neglected topics in spiritual guidance. Our understanding of the human journey is greatly aided by the illuminating and practical wisdom provided here, it is an inspiring reference manual for my work with others.

"There is a rich array of teachings for everyone from the layperson to the professional!"

—Rev. Mary O’Malley, MD, PhD, psychiatrist



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Helpful companion on the journey Review by Erika


As others have mentioned, this is a wonderful companion for any spiritual seeker that helps to expand your sense of self and purpose. *Awakening Kundalini* offers solid information about Kundalini and how we can integrate an understanding of Kundalini's amazing transcendence within the everyday. The book is both informative and enjoyable, revealing the humble and witty spirit of Edward's scholarship and devotion as well as his deep knowledge of the teachings.

In addition to the book, I also recommend the audio CD which has wonderful guided meditations and chanting. (Posted on February 26, 2016)

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Kundalini Review by Rose


Best book about the subject I've ever read. Recommended it to all my friends. (Posted on December 17, 2015)

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Profound and beautiful Review by Dominique Paul


It is a true grace to be able to have access to these teachings and I feel profoundly grateful for having come across this book because of the beauty present on each and every line! The subject is explored with breath and depth and it is so uplifting to sense that there is such a deep possibility of existence beyond the physical. So often, spirituality limits itself to being the presence beyond ego and separate identities, which in its way is already quite a milestone. But this goes clearly so much further towards incredibly deep levels of being! This dense book is simply and purely ... a marvel! (Posted on April 11, 2015)

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Review for Awakening Kundalini Review by Mary Kluge


Some thoughts while reading this important and wise book: we can obtain freedom from "conditioned mind"; the spirituality here is rooted in practical experience; "joyous energy"; surrounded by compassion, patience, love; depths to plumb...

So much is contained in this book that it invites you to return to it again and again. Open it, read it, pay attention to the words and you will pay more attention to your life. (Posted on January 4, 2014)

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Review for Awakening Kundalini Review by Jeff Edrich


All of the writings in Awakening Kundalini point to centering ourselves in harmony with our true nature. One can open any page and immediately feel connected to another aspect of the divine reaching out to bring us home. Awakening Kundalini brings forth the deeper wisdom of the meditative practice, and helps us to connect the disparate aspects of ourselves into a compassionate and unified whole within the divine. (Posted on December 25, 2013)

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Review for Awakening Kundalini Review by Roger Elkrief


This book would be incredibly useful for any spiritual seeker. It is a road map from one that has traveled it, and arrived. How wonderful it is to know where one is going and to be guided easefully on that journey.

If one does not want to get lost on the spiritual path, then this book can be your greatest friend. Lawrence speaks with great clarity about how the kundalini works, how it unfolds, how to prepare yourself for that unfolding, and what to expect on the journey of Kundalini awakening.

But, the most wonderful thing about this book is not what Lawrence says, but where those words are coming from. Every word is coming straight from the source. It is as if kundalini herself is speaking. I can feel everything he says as I read the book. The energy coming from the words is so strong that it is our awakening kundalini as we read.

This is not just another spiritual book. It is a real treasure because it is both filled with incredibly clear explanations, and the divine energy of kundalini. If you are looking to awaken, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you Lawrence Edward. (Posted on December 12, 2013)

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Review for Awakening Kundalini Review by Dorothy Walters


Lawrence Edwards, Blurb

How often does one encounter a truly authentic spiritual teacher? How often are combined in one being the aspects of scholar, devotee, dedicated servant, poet, and wise man? All of these traits are reflected in abundance in this latest volume
of Lawrence Edwards.
As a novice he was trained for yearsas a monk in India. Now performing his seva in the worldas a therapist and spiritual counselor, he is at the apex of his journey, the time that Joseph Campbell describes as“bringing the hero’s gift back home.”
There are few among us as gifted and knowledgeable as Edwards. We are fortunate to have his like among us and to have access to the wisdom garnered over many years, now
available in “Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom.” This book will be of inestimable
value for all those undergoing kundalini transformation as well as for those who are merely
interested in learning more about this still mysterious process.
Dorothy Walters, (Posted on December 9, 2013)

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