Awakening Second Sight

Emergence of a Medical Doctor's Psychic Ability

Awakening Second Sight

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Judith Orloff, MD, is a healer in two worlds: the world of traditional medicine, and the invisible world of the psychic realm. On Awakening Second Sight, Dr. Orloff shares the true story of her struggle to uncover her own psychic abilities—the patients who inspired her—and how to awaken your own gifts of the spirit.

Awakening Second Sight is a respected psychiatrist's compelling personal story, as well as a provocative guide to the psychic self, and how to develop it. Join Dr. Orloff in this daring, unique session.

Learn More About:

  • The true reasons you should develop your own psychic abilities
  • How to protect yourself from negative psychic energy
  • Daily practices that use prayer and meditation to ignite your psychic self
  • Ways to use your dreams as direct conduits to sacred knowledge and healing
  • Dr. Thelma Moss' s lab and Uri Geller research
  • Schwartz and Mobius research
  • Her psychic female lineage
  • Medical biases
  • Human energy field, chakra system, and the aura
  • Techniques for cultivating psychic ability
  • How to pray effectively
  • Nature of healing dreams
  • Making psychic decisions, and much more.

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful interdisapline Autobiography Review by Harry37

Explains how her life bridges Psychaitry and Second Sight {Psychic worlds], which was irreconcilable.
I have been casually introduced to both disciplines, and needed a bridge to live with both.
There are no Meditations or exercises but a wonderful adventure of her career and meeting many interesting people that helped her resolve these two worlds and take the best of both.

(Posted on 9/25/2017)

Excellent! Review by John O'

Awakening Second Sight is Judith Orloff's story, which is clearly identified in the description. Her journey of psychic development is fascinating particularly as she also became a psychiatrist. She does offer some insights and real gems about technique and theory. I loved listening to this.

(Posted on 9/9/2017)

Great Introduction Review by Harry

Tells Judith Orloff's path to reconciling Psychiatry to Psychic messages, and integrate them in her practice. Helps other Emotional Intuitives deal with discomfort in crowds and shopping malls.
It is too easy to be over whelmed by other people, that conflicts with compassion and reading of other people's lives and sufferings. I bought all of Judith Orloff's MP3 at Sounds True.

(Posted on 11/11/2014)

Review for Awakening Second Sight Review by Anne Z

Awakening Second Sight
Emergence of a Medical Doctor's Psychic Ability
is just that. For heaven sakes you folks that criticized this tape need to read the sub text. If you think about what's she presenting basically it's to reinforce the notion that it's more than ok and you're nut a 'detached from realty' person. She does offer an in-depth product that is a bit pricey but will go into detail as to how you too can trust your intuition. Please folks read first before giving a product a miserable review.

(Posted on 9/10/2013)

Review for Awakening Second Sight Review by Christina H

Loved it very interesting and truthful.

(Posted on 4/20/2013)

Review for Awakening Second Sight Review by David M

The author's viewpoint is very interesting, and her story feels very sincere and touching. I really enjoyed listening to her, although I was often told I was square-minded.

(Posted on 4/6/2013)

Review for Awakening Second Sight Review by Kay Gustin

The only thing I found "daring and unique" about this product are the claims and description of the product. It has many claims of providing tools and how to's for developing intuition. All I found it to be was Judith Orloff's personal story.

(Posted on 11/16/2011)

Review for Awakening Second Sight Review by Nancy Henderson

Iwould not recommend this. The author just wanted to talk about herself with little guidance for others to develope
themselves. More of an auto- biography..

(Posted on 10/27/2011)

Review for Awakening Second Sight Review by Amy

I thought this was going to be about awakening abilities or at least expanding intuition. But there is none of that, no exercises, no meditations.
It is really just her telling her story. There is a whole lot of "I" in this. I did this, felt this, did that.
This was not helpfull in any way.
I am not sure why it was even published. It really should be titled "My Story".
I cannot recommend this at all.

(Posted on 11/15/2010)



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