Awakening the Body

The Path of Somatic Surrender

Awakening the Body

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To stretch like a cat or wriggle like a baby in the sheer delight of the body—it's the natural way of all living beings. Yet most of us have spent our lives numbed to the sensual realms of tactile awareness. When the world threatens us, teaches Will Johnson, we learn to tighten our bodies and lose ourselves in thoughts, experiencing our lives at arm's length.

But the good news is that what was learned can be unlearned. Awakening the Body is much more than a body-awareness meditation program. It's a complete course to return to the life fully felt.

Merging Ida Rolf's somatic discoveries, Buddhist body-awareness training, Sufism's ecstatic paths of movement and the heart, and many unique methods developed with his fellow students, Will Johnson shows you how to:

  • Attune naturally to the many subtle dimensions of physical sensation
  • Revive dampened memories and stifled emotions held within your body
  • Restore your full somatic energetic flow for greater health and vitality
  • Move effortlessly into the unified field of pure sensation–the realm of the liberated body and self

Have you felt vaguely disconnected or dissatisfied with your life? That perhaps an exotic vacation, new career, or spiritual discipline might be the cure? For many, the answer can't be found "out there"—what we need is to reconnect to the full, shimmering aliveness our bodies were meant to experience. With Awakening the Body, you now have the clear and tested guidance to return to your true home, the realm of vibrant and fully embodied presence.


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Customer Reviews

Well worthwhile. Review by Adam G

This program contains many valuable perspectives and exercises, and I am glad that I purchased it. My only significant complaint is that there are passages that seem to be somewhere between fully-guided exercises and explanations of exercises you can do on your own later, but this was not initially clear, so I felt some frustration that Will didn't leave enough time to fully carry out his instructions. Alison Story mentions an example of this in her review--there are instances where he seems to be setting up a musical interlude, but the program continues with more explanation instead. So don't expect fully-guided, real-time exercises, but rather, abbreviated lessons that you can take your time with on your own.
I also would like to advise those considering this program to disregard Ray Piper's one-star review. I believe that Ray confused the "Insights at the Edge" podcast featuring Will Johnson (also titled "Awakening the Body") with this learning program. In that podcast, Will does indeed say "you know" very often, but that is NOT the case with this program--here he speaks clearly and smoothly.

(Posted on 8/27/2015)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by Tara B

This program has been very helpful to me, while being fascinating and deeply freeing. I was caught in a tangle of practices, methods, systems and Will's work is helping me so profoundly come into this-here-now-and ME, embodied. There is not much more gratifying and fulfilling to me than experiencing myself at home in this amazing body, senses alive, clarity intact, connected with all life. Thank you Will and Sounds True.

(Posted on 7/21/2014)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by Roy B

Will Johnson's practices will help you get in your body in a deeper way. Doing some of these practices, I felt a level of experience beyond what I've known before- kind of hard to believe really. Hopefully many can share in the joy of doing deep body based practice.

(Posted on 8/12/2013)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by Ray Piper

I tried to listen to this presentation but after a few minutes found I was listening for the next "you know" phrase. Finally had to quit listening when I thought i was going to scream.

(Posted on 9/27/2012)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by donna lopez

Fascinating! Must spend more time and attention to re-listening as
the concepts are compelling and
clearly expressed.

(Posted on 1/26/2012)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by Sylvia Bercovici

Excellent, clear instructions for experiencing embodiment. Important acknowledgment that these are the instructions of the Buddha in the Four Foundations of MIndfulness.

(Posted on 12/5/2011)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by ursula carlin

Very down to earth and practical. Exercises are easy to follow, easy to do and are profoundly opening. Great introduction to the practice of Gazing at the Beloved.

(Posted on 10/5/2011)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by Catherine Bell

Great service thanks so much. I got it straight away, no difficulty.

i also love your weekly wisdom sessions and free online meditations etc. What a wonderful service you offer me. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

(Posted on 10/1/2011)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by martin muntz

I enjoyed the lectures on the importance of sensitivity our five physical sesations are as vital as well as the intent of the heart and mind. It is difficult to keep the whole mind body connection ingaged in the life process.

(Posted on 9/18/2011)

Review for Awakening the Body Review by Alison Story

I liked this product although part of it talks about moving the body, and insinutates there is accompanying music. There isn't any music so basically you have to put on your own music and remember what he has said. It would be really good if there was accompanying music to that section. Otherwise very happy with it.

(Posted on 9/13/2011)


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