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Bedtime Stories

A Unique Guided Relaxation Program for Falling Asleep and Entering the World of Dreams

Bedtime Stories

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As a child growing up in a family of cantadoras (keepers of the old stories), Clarissa Pinkola Estés learned firsthand how a story told at bedtime can soothe away the troubles of the day and prepare the way for another night's dreams to follow. Now a beloved cantadora herself, Estés shares this treasured family tradition with you on Bedtime Stories, her own special collection of tales to relax and ease you to sleep.

Join this world-renowned Jungian analyst and bestselling author as she explores how to use stories as healing companions that open an aperture into the divine world of our dreams, as well as the meaning of archetypal figures like Mother Night and the Sandman, and themes such as renewal, enchantment and transformation. Includes original tellings by Dr. Estés of her bedside favorites, including "Sleeping Beauty," "The Mouse and the Lion," and more.


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Customer Reviews

Magical, soothing storytelling with subtle cello accompaniment Review by Reed

This is my first introduction to the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes and - what can I say? - I am in awe of her now. What a wonderful, authentic, expressive voice. So soothing to me as I was about to drift off to sleep. Except I didn't sleep on the first listening! I was so enthralled my the magical aura she created that I listened to the very end.

By the way, I made the mistake of buying this recording through Audible/Amazon -- and right at the end as Dr. Estes's lovely voice left me all warm and fuzzy and drifting off to sleep, a canned corporate man's voice broke in and loudly announced, "Audible hopes you have enjoyed this program." Really quite jarring and rude. Yes, and the moral of this story: I suggest you buy directly from Sounds True without the additional expense and insensitive corporate packaging of Audible.

Thank you, Dr. Estes!

(Posted on 10/13/2015)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by NEO P

I have been an erratic kind of insomniac for many years--erratic in that I will sleep well for a few days and then for a few can't sleep at all, or wake up at 3 for weeks on end and so on..

I've been trying to hear this mp3 for the past three days--with a under pillow speaker--and fall asleep within a few minutes---it's quite funny really--because Dr Estes starts preparing you to listen to the story and I sort of drop off at virtually the same point every night..and do wake up later..but the funny part is I am not getting to hear the stories at all ..

(Posted on 7/29/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Alison G

I love the bedtime stories! They have helped me get back to sleep a number of times. I love listening to her beautiful, lulling voice.

(Posted on 4/29/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by marg c


(Posted on 4/23/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by M

I felt like a big kid listening to these tales, but I never got to the end, as Clarissa worked her magic and cast her spell, before I knew it, I was asleep.

(Posted on 4/19/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Nancy B

Sometimes the constant 'rabbit trails' on each subject made the main thread difficult to follow. The content is great!

(Posted on 4/16/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Alice G

Gave this CD to several friends and they just love it. Will probably purchase more copies as gifts.
I play this CD as I am getting ready to sleep. Still haven't heard the last story.

(Posted on 4/16/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Phyllis C

This perhaps the best CD I will ever own. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, has a voice that that promotes healing,soothes the mind and body and makes you feel wrapped up in love. She is the best story teller I have yet to encounter. I bought this as I am dealing with pain relief and I thought it would help me to get some rest easier. When I listen to it, it leaves me feeling safe,and optimistic about my self and the world around me. I own about 300 cassette lectures/ meditations over the years, and more recently have bought full courses to assist with meditation. I have to say that this particular tape is different, in that it just comforts in a new way for me. Buy two, three, send as gifts; you will make many people happy. Thank you Dr. Estes. :) PS She has another tape called Creative Five - maybe on CD too.I recommend that one also.

(Posted on 4/14/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by P. Cruicksank-Schott

I adore Clarissa Pinkola Estes and was thrilled to order, this new to me program… She has such a rich voice and also such a brillian mind and she digs deep with these stories… loved it.

(Posted on 4/13/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by J M

Too short, and some of the stories told were too familiar, such as sleeping beauty. Some of the commentary was interesting but the whole thing was so loosely tied together I didn't really get it.

(Posted on 4/10/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Rosalind M

An excellent selection of inspiring tales.

(Posted on 4/9/2014)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Shanyia

This puts my partner and I to sleep EVERY time. So soothing!

(Posted on 4/11/2013)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Donna D

Answers, so many ways, so much to listen to, and then I find this beautiful woman who tells such beautiful stories, and opens up the wounds of time that have never healed and covers them with the warming balm with her most talented ability of acknowledgement. After listening to the Stone Child and recognizing the depth to which pain lives for so many eons, then ordering BedTime Stories, Clarissa has provided a most unique way for the Stone Child to nurture themselves into a peaceful sleep. If only Clarissa, this could be a premise into a few more Bedtime Stories, you would embrace many listeners and take them back to being a child in their sleep awakening fresh and alive. You are incredible.

(Posted on 2/14/2013)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Peggy L

Very dissapointed in this product. It's only one story and while I love Clarissa's voice, at times she speaks so fast and low,it's hard to understand the words. Since the product is advertised as Bedtime Stories, not Bedtime Story,I believe this is false advertising. Also, the instructions Sounds True provides to get the fileson an IPad are incomplete and confusing.

(Posted on 8/20/2012)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Daisy Marshall

If an angel desecended from heaven to come and take me into the most soothing and healing of all dreams, it would heve Clarissa's voice and Clarissa's soul. D. Marshall

(Posted on 6/5/2012)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Susan Etchey

Not what I expected. Very soothing and restful but not a monologue I could listen to on a regular basis without being bored. I can't say what it can do for another but I have a need for a spiritual context that is more direct, not so subtle. Allegory is too ritualized for me because of my religious background so I prefer a teacher that can remind me not to think or visualize stories in my head. Not thinking is better for me and Bedtime Stories does not bring me there.

(Posted on 4/17/2012)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Mary Loescher

extremely pleased with this presentation

(Posted on 1/20/2012)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Kylie Hammond

Absolutely Amazing

(Posted on 8/31/2011)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Marsha Lane

I was very pleased. Even at my age I needed bedtime stories. Helps me sleep. M>

(Posted on 3/28/2011)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Laura Danon

The background music is kind of haunting. Did not feel soothing or comforting.

(Posted on 2/22/2011)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by mone

Fantastic!!! Luv it!

(Posted on 6/29/2010)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by Jennie Peut

Wondferul! Has made an enormous difference to my sleeping patterns - and provided me with a really peaceful and enjoyable way of moving into sleep.

(Posted on 5/16/2010)

Review for Bedtime Stories Review by anianiau

I did like this CD. It makes for wonderful bedtime listening. Though her stories are interesting, they are also relaxing. For that reason it took me a week to listen to those near the end. (HINT: Start the CD playing where you last left off.)

(Posted on 10/7/2009)



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