Beginning Your Love Revolution
Introduction to Whatever Arises, Love That

Author and celebrated teacher Matt Kahn explains how embracing self-love begins a true inner revolution.



In a world of infinite possibilities and perils, where judgment and self-doubt sometimes seem hardcoded into the human condition, author and teacher Matt Kahn shares with you fundamental truth: no matter who you are or how you regard yourself, you deserve more love, not less.

In Beginning Your Love Revolution, Kahn presents an ebook detailing the dawn of a new spirituality—one that has drawn millions to his YouTube videos and live teaching sessions. Sharing some of the foundational teachings from his life-changing book, Whatever Arises, Love That, Kahn explores:

  • Why all beings at all times are worthy of love
  • How to acknowledge and honor your true innocent nature—your connection to the wholeness and perfection of the universe
  • Learning to lean into self-acceptance one “I love you” at a time
  • Healing mantras for inviting love into your heart

“This will be an adventure that leads you directly into the depths of your being to the support you’ve always deserved,” teaches Matt Kahn. Join him to discover a spiritual paradigm that is nothing short of revolutionary.

Continue your love revolution with Matt Kahn’s book, Whatever Arises, Love That.


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Love 100% Review by Shemuel


100% wow! Okay... Totally awesome book... You will find your self centered as you uplift yourself reading this book, transcending the way you feel!! (Posted on November 11, 2016)

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