Emotional Intimacy
A Comprehensive Guide for Connecting with the Power of Your Emotions

Learn to welcome and integrate the full range of your emotions.

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Emotions link our feelings, thoughts, and conditioning at multiple levels, but they may remain a largely untapped source of strength, freedom, and connection. The capacity to be intimate with all our emotions, teaches Robert Augustus Masters, is essential for creating fulfilling relationships and living with awareness, love, and integrity. With Emotional Intimacy, this respected therapist and author invites us to explore:

  • How to deepen our emotional literacy and become intimate with all our emotions
  • The nature of emotional disconnection and what to do about it
  • How to identify our emotions, fully experience them, and skillfully express them
  • Illuminating, resolving, and healing old emotional wounds
  • Gender differences in emotional intimacy and expression
  • Steps for bringing greater emotional intimacy and depth into our relationships
  • In-depth guidance for those facing depression, anxiety, and shame
  • Why "blowing off steam" may make us feel worse, and the nature of healthy catharsis
  • The difference between anger and aggression, shame and guilt, jealousy and envy
  • Individual chapters for fully engaging with fear, anger, joy, jealousy, shame, grief, guilt, awe, and the full spectrum of our emotions

There are no negative or unwholesome emotions—only negative or harmful things we do with them. Through real life examples, exercises, and an abundance of key insights, Masters provides a lucid guide for reclaiming our emotions, relating to them skillfully, and turning them into allies—to enrich and deepen our lives.

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Review for Emotional Intimacy Review by Jamie T


Helped me a LOT. (Posted on November 26, 2013)

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Review for Emotional Intimacy Review by Jose Pavis


Meeting and working with our emotions

Many books are being written about emotional intelligence these days… many lack the depth necessary to help us understand how emotions are constantly alive within us and have the power to enhance or undermine our sense of aliveness, our happiness.
Robert Masters’ book Emotional Intimacy gives us very useful tools to help every one of us understand that becoming intimate with emotions such as fear, shame, anger, sadness, grief, jealousy, joy – to name but a few - is the prerequisite to all aspects of personal growth.
In this very perceptive and didactic book, Robert Masters clearly shows how we can relate to our emotions instead of from our emotions. If I become more intimate with my anger, for instance, if I am aware of its physiological manifestation, if I can become aware of what triggers it, if I can relate it to my personal history, then I will not become aggressive, abusive, or physically violent. Instead I will learn how to skilfully channel my anger to create clear, protective boundaries against external threats.
This is just one of the many practical gifts which this book provides.
Being intimate with one’s emotions is a key to feeling vulnerable and strong at the same time, to being less reactive and more trusting in our handling of close interpersonal relationships.
Anybody who is serous about deepening his or her sense of inner peace and who is eager to improve the quality of his or her connection with other human beings should read this very profound book.
As an educator, I hereby make the prediction that one day, books like this will be textbooks in our schools. (Posted on July 12, 2013)

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Review for Emotional Intimacy Review by Ryan M.


A complete guide to the difficult to navigate realm of emotions. This book is an in-depth guide to why you feel the way you feel and after reading it, I would say my emotional literacy grade went up from a C to a B (to get to an A requires a lot more hard work on my end, something no book can provide)! What I've learned reading emotional intimacy has helped deepen my understanding of other people's emotions, intentions and true motivations and my relationships feel more authentic and fulfilling. A must-read for anyone serious about uncovering the anatomy of human emotions or anyone interested in truly connecting with themselves and others. You won't put this book down without discovering more of who you truly are. A must read! (Posted on July 6, 2013)

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