Saint Teresa of Avila
Passionate Mystic

A courageous mystic lights the way to your interior castle, where no darkness can reach.



"The important thing is not to think much, but to love much, and so to do whatever best awakens us to love." —St. Teresa of Avila

Journey to the 16th century to discover the fiery passion of Saint Teresa of Avila, one of Christianity's most inspiring saints. A tireless reformer and the mentor of Saint John of the Cross, Teresa's greatest legacy is her revelation of ecstatic love for God—a love so powerful that it pierces the heart like a burning sword.

Through illness, hardship, and persecution by the Inquisition, this courageous mystic lit the way with her unquenchable spirit to an "interior castle," a place of unimaginable beauty and light where no darkness can touch us. Saint Teresa of Avila gives you a direct link to the living presence of this brave and gentle woman, to draw upon her strength in your own times of need.



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Review for Saint Teresa of Avila Review by Theresa S


Another treasure from Miraibi Star! This small book lets the reader see St. Teresa in her entirety - her ordinariness as well as her graced and mysterious connection to the Divine. (Posted on April 20, 2014)

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