The Shaman Within
A Physicist’s Guide to the Deeper Dimensions of Your Life, the Universe, and Everything

A unique and practical guidebook from a scientific advocate for modern shamanism.



Within every person—as well as every animal, rock, machine, particle, or planet—is a spirit that seeks to connect and communicate with the rest of the universe. Dr. Claude Poncelet calls this “the shaman within.” In his visionary new book, this scientist and shamanic teacher offers a compendium of practices and wisdom for connecting to the power of the spiritual forces in our lives. Filled with accessible instruction, insights from a lifetime of deep inquiry, and guidance for transformative journeys into non-ordinary reality, The Shaman Within explores:

  • Modern shamanism—an ever-changing practice that welcomes both scientific discoveries and our personal experience
  • Shapeshifting—a powerful method for building empathy, gathering insight, and experiencing our fundamental relation to every part of reality
  • Combining indigenous wisdom and contemporary physics to revolutionize your understanding of time, space, and your authentic self
  • Spiritual adventures to unexpected places—from the edge of the cosmos to the subatomic realm
  • Using shamanism to enhance your work and family life, reveal novel solutions to life challenges, heal the environment, and more

“As both scientist and shamanic practitioner, I see no inconsistency between science and spiritual knowledge,” says Dr. Poncelet. “In fact, when shamanism and science inform each other, we gain a far greater access to the wonder and possibility of reality.” In The Shaman Within, this extraordinary teacher invites you to discover the 21st-century evolution of shamanic practice—one that will delight you, empower you, and open your eyes to new dimensions of our strange and marvelous universe.



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Authentic new territory Review by Opsimath

Everything is new at some moment and we are almost automatically closed to the new and strange and yet strange takes us into change and all things in the universe are constantly changing

I try to remain open and interested in all that fallis in my path and my self then accepts or rejects after passing it through that grid
This man at least in audio feels like a true spirit in the world and is gente and accepting and has nothing to defend, so he doesn't defend - a true non ego response to life
I no longer feel hesitation about loving my old car ( and many other forms ) and telling it that every time it makes my day work
Which leads me to a sense that we already "know" many surprising things at a deeper level which become unlocked when they come into contact with such an authentic humAn presence
(Posted on February 21, 2015)

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Review for The Shaman Within Review by Patricia W


I have been enjoying this book. I love that the author not only tells you about certain journeys but gives some of his experiences about them too. It is always nice to see how others do the work. I love the emphasis on being authentic self as I think that in practicing shamanism it is needed there most. (Posted on October 10, 2014)

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Review for The Shaman Within Review by R. Jerome W


I wish this were available as an audiobook. That's actually what I thought I was purchasing (when it said 'digital book').. Won't make that mistake again. I just don't find time to read, especially on my iPhone, but I'd love to be able to access this on my commute; alas, good intent, wasted purchase. (Posted on September 12, 2014)

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