The Way Under the Way
The Place of True Meeting

Everything visible rises out of a greater, invisible force that brings it into being. The Way Under the Way brings you a three-volume collection of poetry by Mark Nepo that reveals and affirms that invisible force. The first book, Suite for the Living, explores “the thousand ways to enter the great opening that follows heartache and loss.” Book two, Inhabiting Wonder, describes “how kindness, truth, and softness help us to enter time and inhabit wonder.” Book three, The Way Under the Way, explores “that place of true meeting that is always near.”




Nothing compares to the sensation of being alive in the company of another. It is God breathing on the embers of our soul. —Mark Nepo, “The Way Under the Way”

When we shift from trying to be special to seeking what is special in everything, we discover “the way under the way”—the timeless terrain of that mysterious force which animates and unites us. The Way Under the Way brings you a sweeping three-part collection of 217 of Mark Nepo’s original poems and essays to open the heart, awaken insight, and support you on each step of your unique journey through life.

The first two works, Suite for the Living and Inhabiting Wonder (originally published by Bread for the Journey Intl.), bear witness to the messy and magnificent adventure of being human. Evolving these further, Mark Nepo integrates nearly 60 new poems into the thematic reach of the material. The Way Under the Way presents a wholly new work, centered on “the place of true meeting that is always near” and the natural rhythms of opening and closing that can become the art that keeps us vital.

“All we ever need is right where we are, if we can open the ordinary treasure that is always before us,” writes Mark Nepo. The Way Under the Way is an invitation to “ignite your own exploration of the nature and workings of the inner life.”



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Soul Nurturing Review by Michael


Marc Nepo's poetry is life-changing and life-affirming.

He speaks from the heart and uses the language of life to share and inspire, to engage us with important questions, to light our individual paths on the journeys of our individual lives.

As one who has studied and taught poetry for over 50 years, I can say unequivocally that Nepo's poetry opened me up to whole new understandings of what poems can offer to the human mind and the human spirit. (Posted on February 12, 2017)

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The Way Under The Way: Hardback Book

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