Writing as a Path to Awakening
A Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life

A unique treasury of stories, meditations, and writing exercises to spark creativity and spiritual growth.



The best writers say their work seems to come from a source beyond the thinking mind. But how do we access that source? “We must first look inside ourselves and be willing to touch that raw emotional core at the heart of a deeper creativity,” writes Albert Flynn DeSilver. In Writing as a Path to Awakening, this renowned poet, writer, and teacher shows you how to use meditation to cultivate true depth in your own writing—so your words reveal layers of profound insight that inspire and move your readers.

Constructed as a year-long exploration with a new focus for each month and season, Writing as a Path to Awakening includes:

  • How to approach writing and reading with a greater level of presence and immersion
  • Engaging curiosity, playfulness, and spontaneity to keep your regular practice fresh
  • Meditating with poetry to deeply embody the power of language
  • How you can spark your imagination by connecting to the groundless source of creation
  • The meditative approach to storytelling—how not being trapped in your story liberates your capacity to create
  • Editing, rewriting, and the path of spiritual transformation

“Writing and meditation practice are a powerful pair, a dynamic duo,” Albert Flynn DeSilver teaches. “Together they nourish and push, trigger and define, inform and inspire, enable, and energize. To engage in both practices fully is to activate a more complete, creative, and spiritual self.” With a mixture of engaging storytelling and practical exercises, Writing as a Path to Awakening invites you on a yearlong journey of growth and discovery—to enhance your writing through the practice of meditation while using the creative process to accelerate your spiritual evolution.



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