Canticle to the Cosmos

Physics meets sacred wisdom in a fascinating look at 15 billion years of cosmic history.



How is it possible that the universe burst into being from the flash of a single fireball? In an age when scientific knowledge is doubling every generation, how do we reconcile the story of the universe with our spiritual roles on Earth? Join noted scientist and author Brian Swimme, PhD, on a journey to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, and learn how this exquisite "molecular dance" of vast galaxies and exploding stars also gave birth to human consciousness and a living earth.

Canticle to the Cosmos is a revelatory session that will open your eyes to the unseen dimension of the universe and our participation in its destiny. In this 12–part audio series, Swimme weaves cosmology, quantum physics, biological science, and native wisdom into a mind-expanding look at fifteen billions years of cosmic history.

When Einstein discovered that the universe is constantly expanding, "… he was shattered by what this said to him. He actually changed his field equations to some degree," says Swimme. It is that awe-that "wonder of awareness"–which separates humans from other species and gives us a reason for being.

With passion and humor, Swimme shares a scientist's deepest thoughts about the divine order of the cosmos, and explores how we can each regain our reverence for the earth and all life. Canticle to the Cosmos is alive with a rare intellectual intensity, and will escort you across the threshold of science and into the realm of the sacred.



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Date Published July 01, 1995
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