Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, is a Positive Psychology expert, executive coach, and bestselling author whose works include My Name is Caroline, Positively Caroline, and Creating Your Best Life. Her work is frequently featured in worldwide media, including New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN. She also gave a popular TEDx Talk on grit.

Caroline graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and was one of the first graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). She is a Professional Certified Coach, and since 2000, she has coached hundreds of people; senior executives, professional athletes, and politicians, among others, drawing on the evidence-based connection that she has found between Positive Psychology and success. She is a happiness expert and advisor for Happify, the world’s largest online community dedicated to assessing and amplifying well-being through evidence-based games and activities.

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