Catching Fire
Being Transformed, Becoming Transforming




Beloved author, elder, and wisdom holder Sister Joan Chittister invites listeners into a rich landscape of questions and topics illuminating to those of many traditions
How do we face unbearable hurt and struggle?
When we feel lost, alone, and in despair, how do we spark the divine fire within?
What are our unique gifts, and to what purpose are we meant to use them?
For over four decades, Sister Joan Chittister has inspired countless readers to expand the nature of their faith—to live wider, deeper, and more fully engaged in a world that needs us.
Recorded at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery, these immersive conversations speak to a wealth of topics relevant to contemplative Catholics, Christians, and anyone seeking inspiration from a wise and heartful fellow traveler on the spiritual path. With her, listeners will explore how to embrace the hidden gifts of struggle and regret, clarify our purpose, and experience the last third of our lives more richly.
Here, Sister Joan puts special emphasis on the "prophetic spirituality" of Jesus: his mission not only as a healer but as a prophet—one who perceives and takes action in the face of injustice and inequality.
"God created the world, but God did not complete it," she reflects. "That task is left to you and me." With Catching Fire, we are invited to embark on our own journey of self-transformation—and to transform, in turn, everyone and everything we encounter.



Contents 6 CDs (6 hours)
Date Published May 05, 2020
ISBN-10 1-68364-308-9
ISBN-13 978-1-68364-308-1
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
Product Code AF05726D