Awakening in the Now
Presence: The Key to Freedom for the "Thought-Possessed"

Guidance in transcending compulsive thought that keeps us from creating a better world.



It’s all too easy to let anxious thoughts of scarcity and lack rule the day. Fortunately, Eckhart Tolle has some liberating news: your greatest treasure can be found in the richness of the present moment. Awakening in the Now presents the bestselling author of A New Earth on DVD to help you transcend the compulsive thinking that keeps us from truly creating a better world. This illuminating 110-minute encounter will deepen your experience of pure presence as you join Eckhart Tolle to explore:

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Course objectives:

  • Recognize the difference between having thoughts and thoughts having you.
  • Discuss the vast intelligence beyond the conditioned mind and ego, where all creative ideas arise.
  • Discuss your relationship to the present moment as a practice of awakening.
  • Discuss your true identity beyond the world of content and form.
  • Define the ultimate destiny of humanity.
  • Bringing vigilance to your inner state, in order to embrace emotions with compassionate awareness
  • Finding freedom from the ego and the conditioned mind, which create the illusion of need
  • How to align with the Now, the ultimate container of the many “forms that come and go”
  • Awakening to the essence of yourself and others—the timeless truth of existence itself

Looking for your identity in the past or for fulfillment in the future is madness, explains Eckhart Tolle. “If you want sanity, then the focus of your life must be the present moment.” Awakening in the Now is your opportunity to begin a life without struggle, where the joy of being pervades your actions, and “a blessing lives through you.”




Contents 1 DVD (1 hour, 51 minutes)
Date Published September 01, 2009
ISBN-10 1-59179-729-2
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-729-6
Dimensions 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches
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Date Published September 01, 2009
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Date Published September 01, 2009
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