Language of the Soul

Investigate symbols of your inner world with Jungian analyst and author Marion Woodman.

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Course objectives:

  • Summarize the benefits of regularly reflecting on and studying one's dreams
  • Utilize Woodman's dream interpretation approach with oneself and one's clients
  • Describe several common dream symbols and what they represent, individually and collectively
  • Identify, through dreams, the feminine and masculine elements of the psyche that are being repressed
  • Explain how dreams point us toward what needs attention and healing within ourselves and the planet

On Dreams: Language of the Soul, Marion Woodman turns her attention to the world of dreams, their collective patterns and interpretation. Acclaimed for her work as an author and Jungian analyst specializing in feminine psychology, Woodman describes how the very destiny of the soul is directed through dreams. In rich detail, she helps us explore the images, myths, and metaphors that express our collective concerns, and grasp how dreams allow us to navigate and fathom the future.

In a noteworthy sequence, Woodman points to a collective dream pattern she has detected: the roaring to life of a vast feminine force. This “Black Madonna” archetype symbolizes the matriarchal soul, and it is related to the fate of the earth itself. Listening to Woodman is like listening to a poet: we are able to feel the meaning of her words, both emotionally and intellectually.

Dreams: Language of the Soul is a highly informative interview session with one of the world's leading Jungian analysts.

Additional topics: the value of dream interpretation; the collective unconscious, relationship of dreams to health, addictions and dreams, the wounded inner child, new myths for today, redemption of the female body, and much more.

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Wise and forthright Review by Susan


In this wonderful interview, Marion Woodman speaks with her characteristic authority and lack of pretense. Dreams connect us to the unconscious and can guide us if we give them the attention they deserve. (Posted on November 2, 2018)

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Wonderful listening & reflection. Review by Madhuri Carney

Marion is such a warm intelligent woman. I loved listening to her wisdom - not just for how it made me think but also for how it made me feel. (Posted on June 10, 2015)

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Review for Dreams Review by David M


I absolutely love this Audio. I love how Marion speaks, with such wisdom and awe.
I am totally blown away by how good this Audio about dreams is. (Posted on September 9, 2014)

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Review for Dreams Review by Darla P


I've loved every interview that Tami has ever done, and to present her gift of inquiry and invitation through a chat with Marion Woodman about dreams is marvelous. I will listen to it over and over! Fabulous! (Posted on May 10, 2014)

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Review for Dreams Review by Netter


If you're interested in dreams, you'll probably enjoy this program. I've listened several times now and learn something new each time. Wish I'd discovered her years ago! (Posted on June 19, 2012)

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