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Clearing the Blocks to Money Mastery

Break through old patterns to create a new relationship with money—and with life.

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Wealth advisors and spiritual practitioners Spencer Sherman and Brent Kessel show us how our earliest beliefs about money profoundly affect our lives today—and how we can radically transform these patterns. When we’re able to consciously examine that which was previously unconscious in our relationship with money, we are no longer driven by the past, but have the opportunity to create anew.

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This session is excerpted from Spencer Sherman and Brent Kessel’s home study course The Money and Spirit Workshop.

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Review for Clearing the Blocks to Money Mastery Review by Martin R


This recording did prompt me to reflect on early money-related messages that have impacted me. I felt the message was somewhat slim and wanted a bit more. (Posted on October 23, 2013)

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Review for Clearing the Blocks to Money Mastery Review by Deborah L


This 7 step process gives so much information and detail on not only how to delve into long held beliefs about money but also moves you through the work to create a curative message as they call it. This is a thinking and feeling based approach: I like the clarity of the method, not that that makes it easy according to Kessel and Sherman the very reason we hold negative money beliefs are because of our fear to feel the feelings. That's revolutionary. (Posted on April 4, 2013)

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