Creating Health

Honoring Women’s Wisdom

Creating Health

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From the author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom comes a bold new health plan based on Dr. Chris Northrup's work as a physician to thousands of mothers, daughters, and sisters. She fuses her real-world experience with a rare expertise in mind-body medicine. The result is a cutting-edge session with insights gathered from the world's wisdom traditions and a wealth of research that covers menopause, PMS, nutrition, breast health, and much more. Dr. Northrup teaches simple techniques for engaging with your body, drawing from your inner wisdom, and taking the action necessary to create the health you want.

Program Highlights:

  • Creating Health—Six factors we control in our health; environmental dangers; the first step in creating health; her evolution as a physician; balancing technology and the human spirit; psychology and the immune system; premature cognitive commitment; confronting your deepest pain; your inner critic; the power of intent; the laws of attraction; grief as unfinished process in the body; the myth of physical illness; wound identification; eight steps to creating health
  • PMS—Menstruation and sacred power; PMS shame in Western culture; hormones and neurotransmitters; phases of the menstrual cycle: 30 symptoms; estrous cycle and sex drive; diet and exercise issues; Moon Lodge and tribal women; endocrine changes; five-part regimen for treating PMS; alternatives to pain killers; inner desires revealed
  • Menopause—Menopause and the myth of decline; “endocrinopathy” and medical fallacies; holistic views of menopause; specific diets; menstruation and creativity; how bone loss/building works; estrogen replacement options; the high-fat diet danger; menopause and the energy matrix; kundalini energy at 40; opening up to your wise woman; tribal lessons; intuitive thinking and Alzheimer's
  • Whole Nutrition—Women and self-nourishment; correcting emotional imbalances; why women diet; macrobiotics and healing foods; animal fats, proteins, and chronic illness; cross-cultural comparisons; agendas of the dairy/meat lobbies; helping your body find its natural weight; fiber-estrogen links; food allergies; dairy products and fibroid growth: the truth; how much protein?; calcium sources

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Customer Reviews

Review for Creating Health Review by Claudia

I loved this Audio book as it offered me very new and helpful ways to understand the feminine energy. I learned a lot and the book is easy to listen to as it contains many stories and anecdotes.

(Posted on 1/10/2014)

Review for Creating Health Review by Coco

If was fabulous!

(Posted on 11/22/2013)

Review for Creating Health Review by Laraine M

I did

(Posted on 8/11/2013)

Review for Creating Health Review by Laraine M

Now I understood, when I spoke with someone in your ordering department, that this order was cancelled due to the fact that I mis-understood and thought this was a book. I don't understand how to down load this, nor was this the purpose the this purchase. It was meant to be a gift book for my sister. Now I haven't checked my credit card statement, but now I think I should since I may have been charge by you all and never had this charge taken off. If I have, I will be in touch with your tech support

(Posted on 8/11/2013)


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