Destiny Lines
Your Soul Signature

A groundbreaking method for discovering a map of the unique gifts only you possess.
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If you’ve ever experienced a compelling momentum tugging inside you—an unmistakable push toward a specific course of action that seemed to transcend your personal desires—then you have already touched what author David LaChapelle calls your “destiny lines”: the unique shape of your life that constantly guides you in the direction of your highest purpose.

On Destiny Lines, this visionary writer and healer invites you to explore his breakthrough system for tapping this potential and expressing the gifts only you possess. The true spiritual journey begins, teaches LaChapelle, when we seek to discover our “soul signature”—the combination of forces, tendencies, and capacities that represents our individual path of service to the world. Join him to learn:

  • Techniques for accessing the wisdom of the oracles hidden in the myriad signs and patterns of our daily experience
  • How to sense the destiny lines of others—and where they meet your own
  • Practical exercises for attending the soul’s call, and much more

The search for the one thing only we can give—the pure expression of our essential self—is the voyage of a lifetime, says David La Chapelle. Here is a map for charting the course of your future, and following your Destiny Lines.


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Review for Destiny Lines Review by Melanie S


I knew David La Chapelle well when he was alive and enjoy his program very much. I do have a problem with the purchase. Your site says that it is only available to download for a short amount of time after I purchase it. I have not been able to open it again since my first listening and want to put it on a portable device but can't get it to load. Is there a way for me to access the program again and download it. On iTunes one can download an item forever once you have purchased. it. (Posted on October 29, 2014)

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