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Digital Euphoria

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70 Minutes of Pure Euphoric Flow

iAwake Technologies' new NeuroFlow series brings you a breakthrough in neural and biofield entrainment technology. Digital Euphoria facilitates transformative flow states, helping you flourish, grow, and evolve. NeuroFlow stands out from other programs not simply because of the powerful flow states it facilitates but for the long-term effects that you'll enjoy throughout the day.

With Digital Euphoria, you can:

  • Shift your mood, increasing enthusiasm, confidence, and joy—with effects similar to runner's high—within 20 minutes
  • Experience the brainwave patterns and energetic signatures associated with beta-endorphins, serotonin and anandamide—neurochemical correlatives for bliss and contentment
  • Listen before and during workouts for a powerful edge
  • Easily let go of negativity and feel naturally outgoing and warm towards others
  • Increase your productivity and energy with a long-lasting, drug-free high
  • Complement your work with iAwake's Profound Meditation Program by facilitating states of high energy, focus, and bliss
  • Optimize your day with just one 20-minute session

Targeted Flow States

Digital Euphoria targets flow states for stimulating the brain's natural reward centers, helping you:

  • Offset addictive cravings
  • Increase your sense of personal power and confidence
  • Renew enthusiasm for unfinished tasks and projects
  • Improve motivation and focus before and during workouts
  • Enhance social behavior

Neural Entrainment Technology Digital Euphoria features a number of unique neural entrainment methodologies, including:

  • Dual-Pulse Binaural Signals
  • Dual Box X Signals
  • Harmonic Layering
  • Frequency Modulation

Integrated Neural Entrainment Technology

Digital Euphoria's Integrated Neural Entrainment Technology (iNET) process envelops brainwave activity, guiding it toward transformative states of consciousness and influencing the electromagnetic field produced by your body to resonate at meditative frequencies.

In conventional brainwave entrainment (BWE), rhythmic pulses attract the brain's neural firing rhythms into their own train of influence. However, because brainwaves and neurological processes are essentially nonlinear and dynamic, the entrainment signal generated by conventional forms of entrainment has a very limited capacity to engage the brain's neuro-electrical modulations.

The iNET process significantly improves the efficiency of BWE by integrating multiple entrainment methodologies into a synergistic whole, thereby captivating more of the brain's dynamic flows to produce phase synchronous brainwaves and deep states of meditation.

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Review for Digital Euphoria Review by Anonymous

Terrible, simply terrible.

(Posted on 8/8/2014)


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