Distant Healing

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Distant Healing

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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Distant Healing

Most of us have prayed for someone facing a health challenge, only to wonder if it actually helped.What if there were a set of skills you could use to dramatically increase your ability to aid in the healing process?

With Distant Healing, you will join esteemed teacher Jack Angelo to learn dozens of simple ways to draw on the power of spiritual intention and send healing energy wherever it is needed.

Explore the Rainbow Breath to balance your energy field; Distant Healing techniques for plants and animals; “etheric gateways” and the body’s subtle energy centers; and Astral-Level healing and other advanced techniques designed for solo or group practice.

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Customer Reviews

Review for Distant Healing Review by Claudia L

I've just started to skim the book but feel that it
is a keeper. Much of the information is not new to
me but it is well worth the read, well articulated
and easy to understand. I will definitely keep it and
use it as a reference book. Thanks!

(Posted on 6/28/2014)

Review for Distant Healing Review by Constance G

This book has practical & insightful suggestions, a wonderful read.

(Posted on 6/26/2014)

Review for Distant Healing Review by Maureen D

I have started reading this after finishing The Intention Experiment and listening to the inspiring speakers of The Compassionate Brain recently offered by ION. I am a novice but am excited about finding meaning behind healing and compassion.

(Posted on 1/1/2013)

Review for Distant Healing Review by Susan B

Well-written, great content. I've never known other people did this (I've been doing this basically since I was a child, just in a less focused way.). The book is helping me to put some structure around my practice and allowing me to explore additional applications and refinements. I love it! And I love knowing other people do this!

(Posted on 12/27/2012)


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