Effortless Weight Loss
The Ayurvedic Way

Time-tested methods for crafting a healthy weight loss plan to fit your individual needs.
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A Whole-Life Approach for Reaching and Sustaining Your Ideal Weight

Most diet plans start by telling you what kind of foods you should or shouldn’t eat. Effortless Weight Loss begins by asking who you are, what your body needs, and how you can naturally move toward the weight that is healthiest for you. Now Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar presents a two-session audio program on the Ayurvedic way to reach and sustain our ideal weight. Here he offers the proven—and enjoyable—approach to weight loss that he has taught to thousands in his own practice and through The Chopra Center, featuring:

  • Vata, pitta, and kapha—how your Ayurvedic body type reveals your personal health needs
  • Kindling and nurturing agni—how our inner digestive fire processes nourishment from both food and emotional experiences
  • From ama to ojas—Ayurvedic wisdom for cleansing the physical and spiritual aspects of our body
  • Practices for mindful eating, superfood tips, periodic fasting methods, and much more

“One size fits all” diet programs leave us feeling run down and out of balance, with our weight unchanged. “Ayurveda gives us a complete plan to achieve our ideal weight,” teaches Dr. Kshirsagar. “Cravings for unhealthy foods disappear. Sedentary habits give way to enthusiasm for vibrant life.” An ideal practice-based companion to his book The Hot Belly Diet, Effortless Weight Loss gives you all the tools to create a personalized, mind-body-spirit approach for reaching your weight loss goals.



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AMAZING AND PERFECT Review by Ayurvedic health freak


This is an amazing complement to his book the Hot Belly. Have read it twice and listened to this talk twice as well. I am pretty healthy person but i feel even better and healthier after reading and listening to this Effortless weight loss. I read it for the Ayurvedic knowledge but ended up Losing 10 pounds effortlessly. I have always wanted to loose this weight. I did in 1 month by jUst following basic common sense tips one should follow to allow our digestive system to function at its best. Thank you Dr Suhas for finally piecing together a lot of information I had read and adding common sense and purpose. His book and this talk has changed my lifestyle. I feel light and full of energy and I was feeling pretty good before. I can't image what it can do to many people. Sound true is amazing. I can listen to these recordings any time any place. Highly recommended. (Posted on September 11, 2015)

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Straight Forward Review by Alasea


I purchased this as an audio download. It was straight forward and easy to follow. He offers a free PDF at the end to summarize and make it easier to follow the lifestyle changes but I can't find it. Very disappointing. That would help immensely BC there are so many things he goes over. (Posted on May 28, 2015)

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