Embrace, Release, Heal

An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer

Embrace, Release, Heal

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After her third cancer diagnosis in three years, Leigh Fortson was given few options by her doctors and little hope for a bright future. For weeks, she mourned the life she thought she was losing—until she was introduced to an idea that changed everything: our thoughts and emotions influence every cell in our body.

This revelation gave her the hope that would begin her journey to becoming cancer-free and more joyful than she had ever been before. Embrace, Release, Heal shares her inspirational story and the fruits of her research in one empowering book.

Created to help anyone whose life has been affected by cancer, this in-depth resource offers interviews with both allopathic and integrative medical experts; remarkable accounts from people who transcended "terminal cancer" and are now thriving, snapshots of progressive treatment techniques; and insights into other key factors that can affect well-being—including thoughts, emotions, and diet.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by Jay

I first heard Leigh Fortson on a podcast interview by Marie Manuchehri, another ST author. I was totally impressed with her soul, character and clarity, so i bought the book.

This is one of the best textbooks for healing i have ever read, not just cancer, but emotional and soul healing. Inspiring and practical.

I suggest the subtitle be modified to indicate that this book is for everybody, not just cancer patients. It is truly a spiritual text.

And, it gives detail after detail of how corrupt, brutal, and closed minded mainstream medicine is, and somehow the author forgives.

Very inspiring.

(Posted on 4/8/2014)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by lindsay

This is an excellent book - for anyone dealing with cancer, it's hugely encouraging and life-affirming. It's grounded in personal experiences of diagnosis and conventional and complementary/alternative approaches which make it very human. And that's complemented by valuable information from clinicians and experts who are pushing out the boundaries of treatment. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 6/26/2013)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by Veronica M

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer a year and a half ago. So much of what I hear is that this is the end. After reading Embrace, Release, Heal I feel that there are other possibilities and most of all hope.

(Posted on 4/9/2013)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by Shirley B

This was a wonderful book, giving me many avenues of hope. I especially appreciated the personal accounts from those who had cancer and survived it and from those doctors and health care givers who were not afraid to risk a more intuitive and integrative approach to healing.

(Posted on 12/1/2012)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by Michelle Ravera

I was fortunate to hear an interview with the author of this marvelous book on NPR...it has by far surpassed my expectations and is a sensitive and informative resource for those who may be dealing with cancer, as well as anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of this disease and it's contributing factors and possible treatments for healing. Bravo!

(Posted on 1/16/2012)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by donna Whitlock

A great book to read with lots of valuable information concerning alternative medicine and solutions for cancer. If you have cancer or taking care of someone who has it you must read this book!

(Posted on 11/9/2011)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by Nancy Henderson

Great source of reference info for those in need.

(Posted on 10/27/2011)

Review for Embrace, Release, Heal Review by sallie smithwick

I gave this to a friend who has stage 4 colon cancer and she is thrilled with it. I am now reading it, and am so grateful this book is in the world! I hope anyone with or without cancer has an opportunity to read "Embrace, Release, Heal"

(Posted on 6/3/2011)


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