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Exploring Fractal Time

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Do the prophecies about 2012 tell us that we will all be swept helplessly along in the tidal forces of history? According to Gregg Braden, the opposite is true—we are fast approaching a time when the choices we make will have a greater impact than ever before.

With Exploring Fractal Time: Choice Point 2012, this renowned author and visionary scientist invites you to join him for a compelling look ahead to what perils and opportunities await us in 2012, both as a species and as individuals. In this three-part event, Braden examines:

  • The facts about 2012—examining the prophecies of the Maya, Tibetans, Egyptians, and many other indigenous cultures to understand world ages and cyclical time
  • What can we expect—if history repeats itself, then what can we learn from past cycles to steer clear of the pitfalls that befell previous civilizations?
  • What each of us to can do to give voice to our moment of change and strengthen the emergence of positive evolutionary forces

By combining ancient wisdom with modern mathematical insights, we have an unprecedented opportunity to understand the true "fractal" nature of time and history, and use that knowledge to guide our decisions. Join Gregg Braden for an eye-opening and exhilarating investigation of the coming turning point in history-and the new world that we will co-create.

Session 1: 2012: The Facts

Amid all the hype that 2012 will mark the "end of the world," one key point is often forgotten—the Maya never talked about beginnings and endings in history. The Mayan skywatchers and the mystics of other indigenous cultures understood that time is not linear, as we perceive it in the West, but instead occurs in ever-repeating, ever-expanding cycles. In this session, Gregg Braden explores the evidence for this profoundly awakened understanding of time, including:

  • What is a great world age?
  • The Mayan calendar and 2012—not a prophecy, but an insightful observation about the patterns of history
  • Beyond the Maya—indigenous perspectives on 2012 from Tibetan, Andean, Mesoamerican, and Egyptian traditions
  • Facts and insights on the great cycles as understood by multiple cultures

Session 2: 2012: What Can We Expect?

If history does repeat itself in cycles, what can we learn from the past that will allow us to make wiser choices today? And at what periods in time should we look for inspiration and cautionary lessons? In this session, Gregg Braden examines the nature of "choice points" throughout history to shed light on what we can expect as our own pivotal moment approaches in 2012. Join him to learn more about:

  • How "fractal time" allows us to understand the deeper nature of historical cycles
  • What ice core data in Antarctica can reveal about the patterns of the last 500,000 years
  • Choice points—what they are, and how they affect cycles of history
  • How choice points tip the balance in our favor during times of crisis

Session 3: 2012: Where Do We Go From Here?

Although there have been many choice points throughout the cycles of history, the Maya and other indigenous cultures suggest that 2012 will mark one of the most crucial moments that humanity has ever experienced. What makes 2012 different, and how can each one of us make the best choices in such challenging times? In this final session, Gregg Braden offers information, guidance, and ultimately hope for all those who wish to become co-creators of a brighter future for our planet. Join him to learn more about:

  • Lessons from the past—why great civilizations have collapsed, and how we can avoid their mistakes
  • How multiple crises serve as evolutionary triggers
  • Giving a name and a voice to our moment of change
  • How we can participate in the emergence of a new evolutionary leadership

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Customer Reviews

must read Review by sammy

must read

(Posted on 8/7/2017)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by taen scherer

As usual, Greg Braden was wonderful - good info, easy to understand, cohesively offered. Thank you.

(Posted on 12/11/2011)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by Dorothea Lutz

As always - if it's Gregg Braden it's great, and this one certainly is.

(Posted on 5/2/2011)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by Susan Watterson

I am very much enjoying the Greg Braden cds. I love his energy and his ability to make a complicated subject easy to understand. He gives me hope for our world's future.

(Posted on 4/19/2011)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by Ginger Babin

I read Greg's book, "Fractal Time" when it first came out, and for days I was using his formula to figure out when the next great event would be in my personal future. I was amazed by how correct it was. For instance, I won a fur coat many years ago, and right on time (within a couple of months) years later, to my utter surprise, I had won a brand new refrigerator for approximately the same value as the coat would have been. Truly amazing. I highly recommend reading the book.

(Posted on 10/24/2010)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by C. Freeman

I had the privilege of attending Gregg Braden's live Austin, Tex conference, and have all of his books and CDs. Now, to make this live event available via online and at such a reasonable price is just tremendous. Thank you Gregg and Sounds True

(Posted on 10/20/2010)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by Alara

This seems like a great opportunity - it would cost much more to travel to a workshop to see Gregg Braden than it does to sit in my own living room with a java...I think the prices are very reasonable. I haven't decided yet if I can commit to all three , but I like having the option to just choose one day so convenient, I can fold laundry and take a class - Perfect! :)

(Posted on 10/18/2010)

Review for Exploring Fractal Time Review by Valorie Von Iglau

I'm just finishing the book. It's amazing!! I can't wait to hear Gregg Braden speak about the concepts live!

(Posted on 9/11/2010)


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