Falling into Grace

Insights on the End of Suffering

Falling into Grace

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Adyashanti asks us to let go of our struggles with life and open to the full promise of spiritual awakening: the end of delusion and the discovery of our essential being. In his 15 years as a spiritual teacher, Adyashanti has found that the simpler the teaching, the greater its power to change our lives.

In Falling into Grace, he shares what he considers fundamental insights that will “… spark a revolution in the way we perceive life”. Available in CD or book format, here is a progressive inquiry exploring:

  • The human dilemma—the concept of a separate self and the choice to stop believing the thoughts that perpetuate suffering
  • “Taking the backward step” into the pure potential of the present moment
  • Why spiritual awakening can be a disturbing process
  • Intimacy and availability—feeling absolute union with every part of our experience
  • True autonomy—the unique expression of our own sense of freedom

In the same way that we fall into the arms of a loved one or drop our heads on the pillow at night, we can surrender into the beauty and truth of who and what we really are. Falling into Grace is an investigation into the core of why we suffer. It's also Adyashanti’s invitation “… to be taken by a moment of grace and fall into a sense of life when it is not separate from you, when life is actually an expression of something indefinable, mysterious, and immense.”


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Customer Reviews

Adya speaks to the part of I that listens with the heart Review by barbisn

Adya's teachings resonate with Truth. From the moment I first heard him I knew he was the real deal. I dropped most of my teachers since. No one reaches my soul like he does. This book is a perfect example of his way.

(Posted on 5/20/2015)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by daniel gryte g

Adya writes with beautiful simplicity and a high level of compassion for the human condition. He gets it across effectively that the Natural State is everyone's birthright. Adya is perhaps the most encouraging and supportive teacher I have encountered i.e. among those speaking and writing about enlightenment, personal growth and the pursuit of happiness.

(Posted on 7/12/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Carmen C

Very deep, still only a few pages in. I want to really absorb the words & feeling that come through.

(Posted on 6/20/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Sangito C

Adya's words are very clear and his delivery is superb
I love reading this book its a joy for the heart.

(Posted on 10/3/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Sangito C

My book arrived very promptly thank you. I would say that it could have been packaged differently. It arrived in a box much bigger than the book and was really swimming around inside the box and could have been potentially damaged. I would have expected it in a padded envelope. But its great to have this wonderful book. Thank you. Sangito

(Posted on 10/3/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Loraine van der Meer

God teaching Itself about how to wake up and move out of the samsara of suffering... Deep and beautiful and unable to be grasped by the mind....

(Posted on 7/29/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Linda Boulter

Yes! Adyashanti shares falling into grace from one who has jumped.

(Posted on 1/22/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by sallie smithwick

I loved this book!

(Posted on 5/13/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by kristina stenberg

I never got it. Something wrong with my computer?

(Posted on 5/11/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Arnold Novak

I think this was a very direct book. Very clear and simple, I think the simplicity and clarity Adya shares and invites us to look into in our own experience 4 ourselves can offer a sincere seeker a real sense of what true freedom is. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 4/11/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Megan Dana

Adyashanti is the real deal. He is crystal clear, straightforward, and has a wonderful sense of humor. There is no religious nonsense (his word for this is "crapola" and in my 61 years of "seeking" I've "found" my teacher in Adya.

(Posted on 3/18/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Carson Boyd

I loved it. Adya has this pristine clarity and ability to distinguish stuff I was just on the verge of wondering about. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 3/15/2011)


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