Falling into Grace

Insights on the End of Suffering

Falling into Grace

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"You've felt it your whole life. You've always known there's something inside of you that's sought to be born fresh and real–something far beyond your imagination trying to break out and be. Everyone feels this inside. But to allow life to express itself in that way, with that much abandon, requires a true surrender into the unknown."—Adyashanti

Adyashanti asks us to let go of our struggles with life and open to the full promise of spiritual awakening: the end of delusion and the discovery and expression of our essential being. After 15 years as a spiritual teacher, Adyashanti has found that the simpler the teaching, the greater its power to initiate this awakening.

On Falling into Grace, he shares what he considers fundamental insights to "open ourselves to that mysterious element that enters in the hidden and quiet moments and sparks a revolution in the way that we perceive life." Wherever you may be on your own spiritual path, you will find in these sessions down-to-earth guidance on breaking the trance of ego, experiencing the raw energy of emotion, cultivating inner stability, transcending the world of opposites, and more.

In the same way that we fall into the arms of a loved one or drop our heads on the pillow at night, we can surrender into the beauty and truth of who and what we really are. Falling into Grace is a program that gets to the core of why we suffer, and allows us to explore Adyashanti's invitation "to be taken by a moment of grace and fall into a sense of life when it is not separate from you, when life is actually an expression of something indefinable, mysterious, and immense."


  • The human dilemma–the concept of a separate self and the choice to stop believing the thoughts that perpetuate suffering
  • “Taking the backward step” into the pure potential of the present moment
  • Why spiritual awakening can be a disturbing process
  • Intimacy and availability–feeling absolute union with every part of our experience
  • True autonomy–the unique expression of our own sense of freedom

Adyashanti began teaching in 1996 at the request of his Zen teacher of 14 years. Adya's teachings have been compared to some of the early Ch'an (Zen) masters of China as well as teachers of Advaita Vedanta in India. His award–winning books include Emptiness Dancing, The End of Your World, and True Meditation.


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Customer Reviews

beautiful Review by She

Adyashanti never fails to captivate and shed light in the dark corners...all the scary parts soften. these tools are for everyone willing to learn. Very grateful for these teachings.

(Posted on 1/4/2016)

Too short. Review by Leanne

I loved what he said and have listened to it twice already, but I was really surprised that it cost so much ($37) for an audio download that only lasted one hour and 18 minutes!! The CD itself is "on sale" for $46, discounted from a regular rate of $69.95! I don't think this is common for CD's sold at Sounds True so I an wondering why it's so expensive. Seems crazy from a teacher who talks about letting go of (thoughts and) things as being very important.

(Posted on 8/21/2015)

Road map to Freedom Review by Seva

This book helped get me through my mother's funeral. The night before, I was wondering how I would get through the eulogy without breaking down. Then I read his section about playing with "not knowing". I immersed myself fully in this exercise, being totally present without jumping into a future thought. What resulted was complete peace. It was beautiful. The whole day flowed seamlessly.

(Posted on 6/22/2015)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Mireya M

Yes, I love Adya but i do have a question. I thought this was going to be an audio book is there one? I guess i got confused because the art work is the book cover.

(Posted on 6/5/2014)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Bonita M

Very insightful and helpful.

(Posted on 4/7/2014)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Sasha W

This is a wonderful program. Really impactful because he goes to the real source of what keeps us from experiencing happiness.

(Posted on 4/2/2014)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Kristen

The content is great but I have to admit I didn't finish it because I found the voice of the narrator really hard to listen to, it just irritated me. Wish I'd bought it as a paper or e-book rather than audio. His ideas are wonderful but not in this format for me...

(Posted on 3/9/2014)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Joyce G

I find Adyshanti difficult to listen to because his voice is rather monotone. I'm sure there is much wonderful material in this program, but I still have not listened to the whole thing.

(Posted on 2/9/2014)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Smadar T


(Posted on 12/31/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Richard S

As will all of Adyashanti work, it talk is great.

(Posted on 12/5/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Toni E

It is a pleasure to own these files. Adya is a fantastic teacher/human being.

(Posted on 12/4/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Elaine H

This is an amazing program; I have listened to it continually since I've recieved it (I'm on my 3rd cycle). There is just so much in it, that I hear something new everytime I listen!

(Posted on 3/15/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by jane asari w

Very deep. So deep it is very simple. Takes time to begin to understand. A valuable tool for my living. Thank you.

(Posted on 1/28/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Genevieve D

My first time listening to Adyashanti and it has surpassed my expectations.

(Posted on 1/3/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Linda R

My son and I both enjoy all his books and CDs. He puts into words things that were bothering me---how people can use rigid rituals to NOT develop, all the while thinking they were getting somewhere. He points out some very vital things. While I have come to know that ritual or form can be good for setting up the energy and staying in the present, it can also be misused to avoid the present!

(Posted on 1/1/2013)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Mark W

As always, Adya's teachings are clear, compelling and profound.

(Posted on 12/29/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Patricia L

I have totally enjoyed this! I have the book which I read several years ago, but listening to this is refreshing and I am hearing things as if for the first time. Though I don't consider myself an aural learner, (I bought this for a long car trip and was a bit ambivalent about the purchase before hand) I am surprised at how much I am getting out of this. It is always good to go back to the 'basics' ---which is after all the bedrock. I strongly recommend for beginners and those with a lot of experience.

(Posted on 12/27/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Naomi L

Adyashanti is great! He is easy to listen to and easy to understand. I think my soul is tickled pink that I am listening to this CD.

(Posted on 12/26/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Pilar S

Gentle, loving and free

(Posted on 12/23/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Elaine H

This was just excellent and came at the right time in my life!

(Posted on 12/23/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Kaelin Kelly

Adyashanti continues to provide much food for thought. I love his teachings!

(Posted on 6/2/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by paul lafontaine

I've been following Eckhart Tolle for a few years now and Adyashanti every bit as brilliant.

(Posted on 4/16/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Teresa Cordova

Excellent, thank you, Namaste!

(Posted on 1/21/2012)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by James Jackson

A hodgepodge of misunderstood buddhism and new age beliefs. Neither practical nor spiritually helpful.

(Posted on 9/23/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by lisbeth wejdemann

I have enjoyed my purchase very much and I look forward to new releases from Adyashanti

(Posted on 8/14/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Sandra Gourd

I love listening to Adyashanti's insights and experiences on the awakening process.

(Posted on 7/24/2011)

Review for Falling into Grace Review by Tom Grenier

Superb! I really liked the previous audio books by Adyashanti, but he well outdoes himself with this one. I have not yet finished listening to Falling Into Grace, I’m about 2/3rds through. It is so packed with clear insight that after about 15 minutes I like to let what was just listened to have some time to be absorbed.

(Posted on 7/18/2011)



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