Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Finding Beauty in a Broken World

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When faced with the chaos of our times and tragedy in her own life, Terry Tempest Williams asked: “How do we pick up the pieces? And what do we do with these pieces?” To find her answer, this visionary author and naturalist embarked on a journey that took her around the globe.

In Finding Beauty in a Broken World, she delivers a story, a mosaic, that is both heartbreaking and hopeful—an unforgettable exploration of truth from a passionate artist and humanitarian.

Course objectives:

  • Analyze the importance of community, unity, and language through the art of mosaic creation
  • Examine in-depth the art of ancient mosaic creation, and list its 11 rules
  • Discuss language and some of its potential, then some of its dangers when it is not understood
  • Describe the dangers when there is lack of communication
  • Discuss the dark violent side and the loving side of human beings
  • Examine some of the many forms of language

In this original author adaptation of her acclaimed book, Williams recalls an odyssey that began on the rocky shores of Maine, where she prayed for “one wild word” to follow after the events of 9/11. That word was “mosaic”—and it marked the first step on a path that took her to the artistic heart of Italy, through ecological struggles in the American Southwest, and ultimately to war-torn Rwanda and the seemingly inconceivable task of fostering healing through the art of mosaic in the midst of genocide as villagers and artists build a memorial together. Presented by the author in her own inimitable words, here is an inspiring story of how we can overcome even the most traumatic wounding the world can offer.

Finding Beauty in a Broken World is a call to listeners to create beauty in the world we find, each in our own way, each in our own time, each with our own gifts. By taking that which is broken and creating something whole, we can begin to embrace both empathy and engagement within our own communities.

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Customer Reviews

Evocative and Poignant Review by Darla

The audio is as captivating as the book by this incomparable author.

I have read all of Williams' books and found in each the prose enchanting, the message deeply moving. The flow of disturbing stories are gently held within exquisitely constructed language and reach into my heart with rhythmic poignancy. Patience and compassion -- in both listening and reading -- allow the entire picture to unfold.

I'm grateful to Williams for her wisdom and gifted story-telling of difficult subject matter, and thank you to SoundsTrue for providing the opportunity to hear a portion of the book in Williams' own voice.

(Posted on 7/8/2015)

Review for Finding Beauty in a Broken World Review by OctoberOhio

I'm writing a review without having read the book. But the few minutes I heard recorded gave me the flavor of the book. Oh! the suffering and the bones and the violence and mass murder.
Wake up, this nice lady's prose bodes well for selling books. A lovely art-healing. But to the rising enlightenment of humans, it holds us back.
The Rwandan genocide is the result of the church the dead were taken to. The church that put the males in charge. Pre-christian African women would not have allowed their men to be so stupid. Why don't we start the healing there.

(Posted on 7/26/2013)

Review for Finding Beauty in a Broken World Review by Philip B.

I have listened to her voice and have read one of her pieces in a creative writing class. My teen years were blessed by becoming intimate with the S. Nevada Basin Desert in a Mormon Boy Scout troop fond of survival hikes. Coming home from Danang a Buddhist gave me updated eyes to "inhale" my sorely missed vast gorgeous horizontal line. My Poetry professor loves this author. I have become a double-devotee... Well, Adyashanti helped a bit. Buddhism and Wordsmything...with my O'juzu... with her audio whispering calmness in a maelstrom. In Gassho...

(Posted on 3/11/2012)

Review for Finding Beauty in a Broken World Review by Kathy Stein

Not my cup of tea.

(Posted on 7/23/2011)

Review for Finding Beauty in a Broken World Review by poegerl

The only thing better than reading Terry's words are listening to Terry read her own words. The depth and power of her writing is only enhanced and the emotion in her voice. An excellent abridgement of her powerful book.

(Posted on 11/30/2009)



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