Finding Work That Matters

Finding Work That Matters

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Is it possible to find or create work with purpose and passion, and still earn a good living? For years, Professor Mark Albion, Harvard Business School wunderkind, entrepreneur, and Fortune 500 consultant, asked himself this question. Then in 1988, Albion quit his job and began a life of service to others.

On Finding Work That Matters, Dr. Mark (as he is known to his several million devoted readers of his monthly newsletter) invites you to take that same leap of faith. Join the New York Times bestselling author of Making a Life, Making a Living® to start answering the tough but necessary questions to become a working visionary:

  • What dreams have I abandoned in order to make a living?
  • What are my true skills — the ones that will bring me the most fulfillment while benefiting others?
  • How much will it actually cost to re-create my life?
  • How did others do it? What lessons do their stories hold?

Taught with intelligence, humor, and true accounts of those who found meaningful livelihood, Finding Work That Matters is required listening for anyone ready to leave behind a job and discover the fulfillment of making a difference in the world.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Finding Work That Matters Review by Mary M

This audio- book proved remarkably helpful at this
time in life. I discovered I am doing " work that matters". I answered the recommended questions and surprising to me, I am doing what matters. Who
would think that being a house-keeper was work that
would matter, well it does and I needed to hear that.
I feel into the work by default, having been a landscaper for 30 years, then do to a divorce, the economy etc. I started house-keeping high end houses, you know the Mc Mansions. It does come naturally to me. All the houses are wonderful as are the people who live in them, and it is great exercise. I couldn't ask for much more.

(Posted on 1/2/2013)

Review for Finding Work That Matters Review by Alice

I didn't make it all the way through the audiobook. There's nothing new here, nothing concrete to work with and way too many quotes from prominent business people, which make it a pretty tiresome experience.

I think a better source for this information is Nelson Bolles "What Color is Your Parachute."

(Posted on 7/9/2012)

Review for Finding Work That Matters Review by Prof.Tomasz SLUSZKIEWICZ

We, the people and the result of evolution after Big Bang, after Explosion of Super Nova since 4,5 Bilions years are now Homo Sapiens. Across the walls, beyond the blu sky and beyond the Milky Way we come back in a jiffy to the common roots.The matter of integral is the performing of "Key". The "Key to Oneness" is your start module to each development practice. See: ABabeloeno.wordpress.com. We create now the next tier after Sapiens to HOMO EVOLUTIS. Take part.

(Posted on 7/7/2012)

Review for Finding Work That Matters Review by Don't bother

Nothing here you couldn't get from your friends or parents. Basically a feel good speech encouraging you to follow values centered work over the naked pursuit of money. Skip this one. The review system would not let me give it zero stars, but essentially that is what I would give it as I don't recommend it.

(Posted on 4/8/2011)

Review for Finding Work That Matters Review by James Anglewicz

This program covers a lot of common sense ideas. It might be good for someone in high school or college, but I got much more out of Rick Jarrow's programs

(Posted on 4/3/2011)


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