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Focused Attention & Power Nap Rejuvenator

Focused Attention & Power Nap Rejuvenator

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Jeff Strong’s pioneering rhythm-based therapy is used in thousands of homes, schools, and institutions worldwide. This special offer brings you two of Jeff’s clinically proven ambient acoustic sessions:

Power Nap Rejuvenator contains three tracks for rest breaks during the day: the first two provide you with restorative 20-minute sessions without actually falling asleep, and the third track is the “power nap,” designed to help you receive maximum rejuvenation during a 20-minute sleep session without feeling groggy upon awakening.

Focused Attention sharpens your mental focus and helps you to sustain alertness while completing targeted tasks. It uses fast rhythms at varying tempos to entrain your brain into the mid-alpha state of consciousness, and raises your general level of neurological alertness. This program consists of a single Gonga hand drum blended with a pleasing ambient instrumental soundtrack.


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Review for Focused Attention & Power Nap Rejuvenator Review by Jay Dancing Bear

not too impressed

(Posted on 10/4/2011)


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Date Published August 15, 2011
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