Free Your Voice

By Silvia Nakkach and Valerie Carpenter

"This book is a guide for discovering the potential of your own voice to unlock and cultivate creative and spiritual energy. It's about building the bank account that will preserve the most precious capital you have: your emotional well-being."

—Silvia Nakkach, from the Introduction

Free Your Voice CD 1

Free Your Voice CD 2

Guided Audio Practices

Throughout the book Free Your Voice by Silvia Nakkach and Valerie Carpenter, you will find guided audio practices that will help deepen your experience. Simply download these two sessions and then follow the cues in the book that alert you to listen to a specific track.

  1. Primordial Sound: Hu
  2. A Drone for Your Practice
  3. Create Your Own Drone
  4. Singing to Disappear
  5. Ah: Singing Breath
  6. Inward Singing
  7. Warming the Heart
  8. Monastic Voice
  9. Afro-Brazilian Chant: Focus on Articulation
  10. Unbroken Sound
  11. Ananda Hari Om
  12. Brahm, the Creator
  13. Bija Syllables
  14. Sopro
  15. Toning Practice
  16. Elemental Seed Sounds
  17. Tibetan Invocation to Green Tara
  18. Yoruba Invocation to Orishá Oxalá
  19. Hindu Invocation to the Divine Mother
  20. Vocal Meditation Practice
  21. Tibetan Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum
  22. Hindu Mantra: Om Sree Amma Narayani Namastute
  23. Vedic Prayer for Peace and Well-being
  24. Icaro: Peruvian Amazon Healing Song
  25. Chant of Dedication: Twameva Mata
  26. Modes: Using the Keyboard's White Notes
  27. Modes: Starting on Middle C
  28. Harmonic Humming Choir
  29. Drum Language
  30. High-Pitched One-Sound Invocation
  31. Motorcycle Mouth
  32. Chant for Peace: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti