Gaearth Dreaming

A musical journey to your inner healer and guide.



This CD was created in honor of Gaia, also known as Mother Earth. Gaearth Dreaming is a multidimensional experience of inner space, a sonic journey into the subtle realms of overtones and harmonics. By featuring the naturally occurring frequencies that are created by attuning to the resonance of nature, we explore the sacred geometry inherent in intentional music. Thus we connect to the inherent oneness and harmony that composes all of creation.

Visioned, recorded, and mixed with love and intention, this CD is created to be listened to in its entirety, as each track uses binaural beat frequencies to take you deeper into progressively more relaxed brainwave states. Interwoven throughout the CD are many different animal and insect sounds from around the world, mixed with diverse ancient indigenous instruments. These are combined using the latest recording technologies in order to create an alchemical synergistic blend of harmonic frequencies, which will align you to the healing vibrations of the earth.

The primary intention of this CD is to offer music to inspire the activation of your inner guide and healer. Use this CD as a tool to direct you toward inner peace, which will open the door to self-empowerment and self-healing. Ideal for therapeutic bodywork, yoga, sleep, relaxation, or meditation.


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Date Published January 01, 2008
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