The Essential Practice for Happiness and Fulfillment


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For most of us, gratitude comes easy when things are going well. But putting it into practice when life throws you a curve ball is another story.

On Gratitude: The Essential Practice for Happiness and Fulfillment, cultural anthropologist and educator Angeles Arrien shows you how to cultivate the power of deep appreciation so that it becomes a way of life—simply and naturally.

Integrating the newest social science research with stories, prayers, insights, and practices from cultures and traditions spanning the world, Arrien gives you the time-tested wisdom to help you master the art of giving thanks, every day. Gratitude invites you to explore:

  • How to overcome habitual tendencies toward envy, comparison, and narcissism
  • The top 10 practices for remaining grateful, including keeping a gratitude journal, “remembering the bad to appreciate the good,” and regularly writing notes and letters of thanks
  • Naikan—the Japanese Buddhist practice of intensely meditating on your interconnections to develop a steady flow of gratitude in relationships
  • Indigenous teachings about using daydreams and wishes to create a spirit of healing and blessing

Recent studies have shown that a daily gratitude practice can significantly change your life, improving sleep, overall energy, and emotional well-being. With Gratitude, Angeles Arrien offers you an inspiring call to open your heart and experience the profound gifts that come when we fully embrace gratitude.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Gratitude Review by Jacquelynn B

Audiobook "Gratitude" Quite pleasurable.
Required me to read/listen several times before understanding all the deeper content involved. Each time I reread thru the book I enjoyed it a little bit more. The book starts out Simple yet the message becomes Profoundly Deep and Meaningful.

(Posted on 10/16/2014)

Review for Gratitude Review by Jerry P

A.A. tries to "cover the waterfront". Therefore her presentation is not sufficiently focused. She covers so many aspects of gratitude from so many different types of sources, that it is a major work of screening by the reader to get what they are looking for. She might have divided her presentation into 4 or more volumes, e.g., Cross-cultural, Spritual, Psychological, Addictions, etc., for example.

(Posted on 11/8/2013)

Review for Gratitude Review by velda w

excellent resource for all practioners!

(Posted on 8/17/2013)

Review for Gratitude Review by Constance M. G

It's good. I recommend it.

However, there need to be new minds and hearts communicating, in new ways, the vitality of something like gratitude.

This is a good refresher, but, there is a tiredness to its tone and message.

In truth, gratitude is the throbbing essence of the realm beyond apirituality.

The realization of gratitude and its constant practice in our lives is capable of catapulting us into the realm of enlightened thought and behavior faster than the practice of anything else. Its dynamic nature leads the practioner to a depth of peace that is transformative.

(Posted on 12/8/2012)

Review for Gratitude Review by Lynn C

Angeles Arrien brings forth lost truths about shape-shifting one's attitudes to grow a grateful life with ease and grace.... Forever grateful for her work.

(Posted on 9/17/2012)

Review for Gratitude Review by Sheldon Ivers

Simple truth that the attitude of gratitude produces a full and fulfilled life!

(Posted on 3/11/2012)

Review for Gratitude Review by Diane Barret

wonderful thoughts on gratitude -- generated ideas for me of ways to be more grateful....also we are starting a gratitude circle offriends....

(Posted on 1/20/2012)

Review for Gratitude Review by ENID SEFCOVIC

Stimulating and well-developed.

(Posted on 1/11/2012)

Review for Gratitude Review by Sharon Hildeman

Rather ordinary -- not what I expected from Arrien. Having a hard time sticking with it to listen. Havent heard it all.

(Posted on 10/1/2011)

Review for Gratitude Review by Lauren Miranda Gilbert

I am only about 20 minutes into this recording. I love her previous work, but in this one she sounds tired and disengaged. Almost like she thought doing a program on Gratitude would be a good idea - but I'm not feeling her spirit behind it. Disappointing.

(Posted on 8/12/2011)

Review for Gratitude Review by Anne Moses

Very good. A small thing: she changes what she says when she repeats "what have I received (she adds from this person), what have I given (ditto) what troubles and difficulties have I caused (or had). By the second time I heard it I was confused. Otherwise very very good

(Posted on 2/22/2011)


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