Art of Sexual Magic
Cultivating Sexual Energy to Transform Your Life

Discover the sacred roots of sexuality as both an erotic art and a meditative tradition.



When two humans come together as lovers, they mirror the divine union—the most sacred act of creation—and connect directly with the energy of all life. Thus, the energy of your sexuality is the source of the greatest “magic” of all, namely the creation of life itself.

On The Art of Sexual Magic, you will discover the sacred roots of sexuality, not only as an erotic art, but as a meditative tradition. For many years, author Margot Anand has researched the teachings and advanced practices of sacred sexuality around the world. Through her bestselling book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, thousands of couples have changed their love lives forever through the practices of tantra.

Based on ancient Hindu-Buddhist scriptures, tantra literally means “weaving.” As the threads of life and love cross one another, tantra teaches, they join in cosmic union. Within this absolute connection with the universe, your most profound yearnings become possible. This is sexual magic. Using erotic rituals and specific meditations, tantric lovers can alter their consciousness and channel the energy of orgasm for healing, ecstasy, even enlightenment.

Trained at the Sorbonne as a psychologist, Margot Anand combines four powerful elements on this audio learning series: processes for sexual healing; tantra for cosmic union and bliss; clinical sexology for expanding orgasm; and magic visioning to manifest transformation. Safely, creatively, you learn to explore other dimensions of your sex life, and gain new ways to bridge sexual union with a greater source of wisdom and clarity.

With its wealth of rituals and visualizations developed specifically for Western students and lovers, The Art of Sexual Magic is a life-changing work that is sure to enliven your intimate hours.



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Review for Art of Sexual Magic Review by Daniela Rose


I have had copies of Margot Anands books for many years but this audiobook has brought them alive. I feel like I am being guided by my own personal tantra teacher, and she is the inspiring Margot Anand. The mystical rituals and meditations, when guided from her voice, became effortless, natural and very powerful. After I finished the meditation to find my power symbol to represent sexual healing, I felt transformed. This audiobook is a gift on my journey in tantra. (Posted on October 8, 2012)

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Review for Art of Sexual Magic Review by Dean McCormick


Fantastic, useful content. I downloaded the mp3s and then tried to burn them onto CDs so I could play them in my car. My only complaint was that the last mp3 was over 80 minutes long so I had to download software to cut it in half. It was too long for 1 CD. (Posted on March 23, 2012)

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