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The Better Sleep Program
Train Your Brain for Insomnia Relief and Deep Rejuvenation

After more than two decades of rigorous research on using rhythm to change and heal the brain, Jeff Strong has emerged as one of today’s most important researchers in the field of sound therapy. The Better Sleep Program brings together breakthrough sound entrainment methods, guided meditation practices, and on-call support from The Strong Institute to help you enjoy the energy and vitality that only thoroughly refreshing rest can provide.

Starting at: $51.98


A Comprehensive Program to Transform the Way You Sleep

A sleeping pill or a relaxing CD may give you short-term relief—but is there a way to heal the root causes of insomnia? With The Better Sleep Program, researcher Jeff Strong delivers a powerful new tool for training your brain and nervous system to consistently provide natural, relaxing rest.

Using rhythmic entrainment techniques developed at the pioneering Strong Institute, this eight-week program progressively dissolves the neural patterns of fitfulness and anxiety that inhibit sleep—rebuilding your body’s innate capacity for dropping off easily and entering deep, restorative sleep. This easy-to-use program features:

  • Bedtime listening sessions for optimal sleep—featuring soothing guided sleep practices and music-only sessions
  • Morning stimulation sessions to promote long-term changes in your sleeping patterns
  • Three bonus tracks: Energy Boost, Calm, and Focus
  • The Deep Sleep Booklet and resources for ongoing support from The Strong Institute staff
  • Free video support and progress tracking

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Peaceful Review by Sunny


The samples sound really lovely; however, it is too expensive for me. Would definitely purchase if price were more reasonable, i.e. $10-$20. Thanks (Posted on August 26, 2016)

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CD w/ booklet

Contents 9 CD (5 hours, 3 minutes)
Date Published August 01, 2016
ISBN-10 1-62203-766-9
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-766-7
Dimensions 6 7/8 x 6 5/8 inches
Product Code MM04900D

Audio Download w/ booklet

Contents 1 Audio Download (5 hours, 3 minutes)
Filetypes M4A, MP3, MP3 ZIP, PDF
Date Published July 29, 2016
ISBN-10 1-62203-767-7
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-767-4
Product Code MM04900W