Brainwave Journey: Journey of the Heart

Natural brainwave frequencies combined with guided imagery and ambient music

Jeffrey Thompson, Owen Morrison

From The Relaxation Company

Brainwave Journey: Journey of the Heart

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Hold on to your mind as sound therapist Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and guided-imagery instructor Owen Morrison take you on a high-tech journey through inner space. Subtle pulses of sound embedded in an evocative musical soundtrack stimulate your brainwave patterns, transporting you to an enhanced “visualization zone.” Once there, vivid spoken imagery will guide you through the three-dimensional worlds in the theater of your mind. This inspiring inner journey will lead you to discover new sources of joy, creativity, energy, and healing.

On Journey of the Heart, you can stimulate your own inspired imagination and increase your capacity for joy, creativity, and love. Archetypal images associated with uplifting emotions are combined with sounds of water, ocean, breath, and wind. Theta waves, embedded in the evocative soundscape, help you to open your heart.

This recording contains a 30-minute spoken-word guided journey with an ambient musical background, followed by an additional 30 minutes of music alone. These two programs are designed to work together as a complete 1-hour experience, although they can each be listened to separately.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has been researching the effects of sound frequencies and music on the mind and body since 1981. He maintains his private practice in Encinitas, California. Owen Morrison is a visionary artist, and director of graduate studies of the Mind Development Corporation.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Brainwave Journey: Journey of the Heart Review by Mary Shewan

It's weird and hard to follow. I would not recommend this. In fact, I wish I could get my money back.

(Posted on 7/23/2011)

Review for Brainwave Journey: Journey of the Heart Review by Jolene Benne

I think this product is great. I found both the guided meditation and the all music to be helpful in attaining a relaxed meditative state. I was looking for a guided meditation utilizing the theta brainwaves. The only thing I would change is the voice that does the guided meditation. Maybe it is because I am a woman, but I have a hard time picking up the low male voice. I turn up the volume more than I usually do. That level of sound would be annoying if it were all music.

(Posted on 3/8/2011)


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Date Published October 02, 2002
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