Caravan of No Despair
A Memoir of Loss and Transformation

Caravan of No Despair chronicles the poignant life and inspirational journey of one of today’s most prominent spiritual writers. Mirabai Starr, celebrated for her revolutionary translations of such works as Dark Night of the Soul and The Interior Castle, shares the story of her formative years as a spiritual explorer, her disillusionment at the hands of a fraudulent guru, the devastating loss of her daughter, and the renewal of her broken heart through determination, acceptance, and grace.
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  • Spirituality & Practice Best Spiritual Books of 2015 selection

 On the day her first book came out—a new translation of Dark Night of the Soul by Saint John of the Cross—Mirabai Starr’s daughter, Jenny, was killed in a car accident. “My spiritual life began the day my daughter died,” writes Mirabai. Even with decades of spiritual practice and a deep immersion in the greatest mystical texts, she found herself utterly unprepared for “my most powerful catalyst for transformation, my fiercest and most compassionate teacher.”

In Caravan of No Despair, Mirabai shares a tender, uplifting, and intimate memoir of her extraordinary life journey. From her earliest experiences of a nomadic lifestyle traveling between spiritual communities, Mirabai recalls each juncture at which she was shattered and remade—her discovery of a deep passion for the world’s great wisdom traditions, her tangled relationship with a charlatan-guru, her unexpected connection with the great Christian mystics, and the heartbreaking loss of her teenage daughter. Through every hardship and triumph, the one quality that never deserted her was the courage to remain open and defenseless before the mystery of the divine.

“Tragedy and trauma are not guarantees for a transformational spiritual experience,” writes Mirabai, “but they are opportunities. They are invitations to sit in the fire and allow it to transfigure us.” With Caravan of No Despair, Mirabai now returns what she had been given by her teachers, her loved ones, and the long-ago mystics—a story that can be a lifeline through the most unthinkable storms, woven by one who has gone before, endured, and emerged remade by love.



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Beautiful, captivating, openhearted Review by Heidi


This has been a wonderful discovery - finally a book containing the horrors of grief (thank you for such honesty), but filled with hope and inspiration for those of us questioning if there is light. It is so beautifully written and so captivating in its entirety, not just a source of hope for the bereft, but the sharing of an incredible life story and done so with an open and beautiful heart. Left me hungry for everything else written by this wonderful author. (Posted on March 9, 2016)

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Powerful, moving, illuminating Review by Mary


On one level, this memoir tells the core story of the author's daughter's death and how she dealt with it; but the true journey presented here is about responding to loss of all kinds, inherent in life and how it can be possible to deepen and grow in the cauldron of loss. This is not about taking a spiritual bypass through grief; it is very honest, real, and gritty at times. This cannot have been an easy book to write and the author has done us a great service in her profound sharing. (Posted on December 24, 2015)

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