Celtic Dreams
Lullabies from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, & Brittany

Various Artists

Lullabies from five Celtic nations, featuring Robin Huw Bowen, Mae Robertson, and others.
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Celtic Dreams offers a pillow-soft Parents’ Choice Silver Award–winning assortment of irresistibly sleepy vocals and instrumentals from five Celtic nations. Crooning mermaids, a feisty wooden horse, and a dreamy little red bird are among the creatures that inhabit these exquisitely beautiful and soothing cradle songs.

The authentic lyrics, whether they are sung in English, Irish, Manx, Scots Gaelic, or Welsh, are guaranteed to enchant parents while enticing tired babies and toddlers across the threshold into dreamland. Featuring Robin Huw Bowen, Barbary Grant, Brigit’s Well, Ffynnon, Mae Robertson, Teresa Doyle, and many more. Liner notes include original lyrics and English translations.


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Date Published October 21, 2003
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