Effortless Mindfulness Now

Awakening Our Natural Capacity for Focus, Freedom, and Joy

Effortless Mindfulness Now

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Discover an Awareness That Is Natural, Freeing, and Always Available

“Effortless mindfulness” is innovative teacher Loch Kelly’s term for an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness, designed to access a natural, loving flow state in the midst of our daily lives. With Effortless Mindfulness Now, Loch helps us transition from a foundation of basic mindfulness to the skills of effortless mindfulness.

Over the course of four transformative sessions, Loch gives practical techniques to step back from thought-centered identity to live from an optimal way of being and doing. With contemporary versions of ancient meditations made newly available, Effortless Mindfulness Now offers ways to shift into natural intelligent awareness with your eyes open at work and in relationships.

Effortless awareness has been described in traditional literature as being so close it cannot be seen, so subtle it cannot be understood, and so good it cannot be believed. With Loch Kelly’s guidance, you learn how awareness can “turn around” and awaken to this new operating system of heart-mind, to live from a place of natural compassion, joy, and creativity.


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Customer Reviews

Mindfulness Turbo Charged Review by Brian Tom O'Connor

It was so gratifying to listen to Loch Kelly’s description of what I’ve come to think of as “the missing piece of mindfulness,” that is, mindfulness of awareness itself.

This audio book is superb at leading you from basic mindfulness to effortless mindfulness, or “open-hearted awake awareness.”

I was particularly fascinated by his discussion of allowing the knower and the known to be in the same place. "Being aware from wherever you are aware of" is a huge step toward embodied awakening. "Not only are you aware of space but notice that you are aware from space."

His “glimpse practices” can serve as wonderful guided meditations, and as steps you can learn and use throughout your day. “Small glimpses many times,” as he puts it

Another enlightening section is his description of awake awareness as the addressee of the glimpse instructions: “The unique thing about this direct inquiry method that uses awareness rather than thinking, is that when I'm asking you to glimpse, I'm not talking to your ego, I'm talking to you, the awake awareness. And I'm asking you through the ego, and through the clouds of ignorance, and through confusion, 'Knock, knock. Hey, Awakeness, can you please unhook from thought and notice yourself?’ “ Great stuff.

He also touches on illuminating subjects such as sub-personalities, motivation, the “mini-me,” the Five Foundations of Effortless Mindfulness, and the Three Stillnesses.

Highly recommended.

(Posted on 10/24/2017)


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