Feeding the Hungry Heart
An Audio Workshop on Healing Your Relationship with Food

Diets only address the symptoms—now you can go straight to the heart of eating issues.



Address the Causes of Compulsive Eating, and Nurture a Love Affair with Yourself

Why do we eat too much? Because we are hungry—but not for more food. On Feeding the Hungry Heart, you will learn how a deep internal hunger for self-respect and fulfillment often translates into compulsive eating.

Geneen Roth—a “no more diets pioneer” for more than 15 years—has helped thousands of women look at the real truth about the unconscious motivations that can lead to distorted eating patterns. Diets fail to work, Roth says, because they treat the symptoms of overeating, not the real problems. By looking at childhood programming, and learning to pay attention to what your body really needs, you can restore balance in your life, and heal at the deepest level.

Feeding the Hungry Heart has helped a generation of women live diet-free by encouraging them to replace overeating with self-awareness and compassion. This live recording documents many exercises, visualizations, and Roth’s powerful “Four Principles for Breaking Free” eating guidelines.



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Review for Feeding the Hungry Heart Review by deborah hamsho


Excellent and insightful (Posted on January 5, 2012)

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Review for Feeding the Hungry Heart Review by Daniel Hazen


I have had a copy of this for myself for several years and have listened to it with benefit. I bought this for my best friend who I thought might also obtain some merit from it. (Posted on December 10, 2011)

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