Healing Music Project: Awakening
Eight Pioneers Explore the Healing Power of Music

Various Artists

Steven Halpern, Jeffrey Thompson, Russill Paul, Jonathan Foust, David Darling, and more.
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Over the last 10 years, The Relaxation Company has produced over 40 unique recordings from a diverse group of sound healers. In addition to being extraordinary musicians and composers, many are music therapists, teachers, medical professionals, and authors. These are visionaries of a future healing art, and we are proud to support their enormous creativity, intelligence, and generosity.

Track 1
David Darling is a Grammy-nominated cellist and composer who deftly combines New Age, jazz, and world music with an incomparable flair for spontaneous creativity. Performances on cello, piano, flute, and world percussion smoothly unfold into circular rhythms and spirited grooves.

Track 2
Joseph Nagler, DA, CMT, is a musician, professor of music, and certified music therapist. This spirited composition for piano, guitar, bass, sax, violin, and percussion was created using layered rhythmic structures with specific timbres and harmonies to boost your energy and lift your spirits.

Track 3
Russill Paul took a detour from his successful music career to spend five years as a monk, where he studied nada yoga, which is the ancient yoga of sound. The tremendous power of this sensual tantric chant will help you to establish a deep connection with your body and with the earth.

Track 4
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s recordings are used by healing professionals and individuals worldwide. Utilizing a process known as acoustic brainwave entrainment, this soundtrack guides listeners into states of profound relaxation, expanded insight, and deep meditation.

Track 5
Brian Scott Bennett is a meditation teacher and Hollywood film-score producer who learned about inner exploration from Fritz Perls, Stan Grof, and many others. His entrancing compositions can serve as a guide to relaxation, meditation, and physical and spiritual well-being.

Track 6
Stephen Halper, PhD, is an internationally accliamed composer and recording artist who has produced over 60 recordings. Combining artistic inspiration with sophisticated sound technology, his soothing and free-floating keyboard compositions draw the body into a state of balance and harmony.

Track 7
Mark Kelso is an award-winning composer who has appeared with Carolyn Myss, Ram Dass, Neale Donald Walsch, and Deepak Chopra. This entrancing and soothing soundtrack was created to lead you to a state of alert relaxation and single-pointed focus.

Track 8
Sudhir Jonathan Foust is president emeritus of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the largest yoga center in North America. An intuitive flautist, mind-body therapist, and leader of seminars worldwide, Sudhir’s music will resonate within you and guide you to your meditative center.



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