Healthy Sleep
Wake Up Refreshed and Energized with Proven Practices for Optimum Sleep

Two mind-body experts offer practical tools to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.
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Imagine waking up each day alert, invigorated, and at the peak of health—without needing that cup of coffee to get going. For many, this sounds like a fantasy. But according to Dr. Andrew Weil and his colleague Dr. Rubin Naiman, healthy sleep and healthy waking are well within your grasp, without turning to sleeping drugs.

Now in this two-CD set, these two mind-body experts present practical tools to help you enjoy the life-changing health benefits that optimum sleep provides. On Healthy Sleep you will learn:

Course objectives:

  • Practice an integrative approach to promoting healthy sleep
  • Distinguish between the various types of sleeping disorders
  • List the numerous factors that influence sleep
  • Take a personal sleep inventory to identify if you truly have a sleeping disorder
  • Practice several relaxation processes to induce sleep
  • The roots of insomnia, and natural techniques, practices, and safe supplements to overcome it
  • The spiritual component of sleep and dreaming—the missing ingredient to truly rejuvenating sleep
  • Eight practices from Dr. Naiman to address your specific sleep concerns—including three sessions to help you fall asleep
  • How a healthy sleep cycle can improve your immune system, mood, sense of well-being—and even your weight

Good sleep is not just about the number of hours one spends in bed. It must also reflect the depth and quality of that sleep. With Healthy Sleep, two trusted medical innovators bring you their expert guidance for achieving a critical yet often overlooked building block of any healthy lifestyle: a good night's rest.



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Review for Healthy Sleep Review by Donald Fong


Their advice and suggestions have helped lessen the insomnia. It took years for me to get to the insomniac state I'm in. Will take more than a few days to get to the point of sleeping well every night.
This material, especially Dr. Naiman's ideas, has benefitted me. Could help you, too. (Posted on May 14, 2011)

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Review for Healthy Sleep Review by claire weir


Have followed Andrew Weil for a few years and this is very detailed and so interesting that I have it programmed in my IPod. (Posted on April 3, 2011)

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Review for Healthy Sleep Review by Caroline Taylor


A brilliant resource for people like me who like to understand exactly what is going on, mentally, physically and spiritually, when we feel stressed and unable to sleep - and, more importantly, what to do about it, without resorting to medication. This CD explains, beaurtifully and lucidly, why simple breathwork works - and how to go about it to improve sleep and thereby quality of life. (Posted on August 17, 2010)

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Review for Healthy Sleep Review by Dorene


I was anticipating a good resource for sound sleep when I ordered this CD. Unfortunately it didn't provide me with any new information on sleep deprivation. Save your money. I ordered Belleruth Naparsek CD on sleep, and it is much more user friendly.It gets down to the business of helping you sleep, instead of talking about the research of sleep. (Posted on November 20, 2009)

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