I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

A.H. Almaas explores identity and spiritual practice on the release of his book, Inexhaustible Mystery.
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“From the beginning of our spiritual work there is something deeper, some deep intelligence, some profound intelligence that underlies all of our human existence — in fact, all of existence — that is working to reveal itself. There is a force, there is an intelligence, there is a consciousness, a dynamic, living intelligence who is inherently functioning in such a way to reveal itself. And it appears to us as our interest in liberation. It appears to us as our interest and dedication. It appears to us as the interest in practice or spiritual work. And when the insights happen, we might own them. We think, ‘I got the insight’, when in fact it is this force that has simply managed to get through with a burst of light and insight.”

Almaas explores this mystery through teaching and inquiry held at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, in January of 2012. This event honors the release of Almaas’s book, Inexhaustible Mystery, which is the fifth and final title in his popular Diamond Heart Series. Join in this exploration of mystery with A. H. Almaas and experience his passionate love in the process of inquiry in presence.


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