Living the Noetic Life
Transformation and Healing at the Convergence of Science and Spiritual Practice

A first-person odyssey into our full human potential and its vast terrain of uncharted wonder. Marilyn Schlitz invites us to explore expanded states of awareness and interconnection, healing, and transformational insights into living, aging, dying, and the vast global consciousness now emerging.
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Have you ever felt that you are more than just a genetically programmed machine running in a meaningless universe? That your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, may extend beyond the material domain? That compassion, connection, and other subjective phenomena can directly affect the world?

The word noetic describes a perspective that embraces both scientific and personal discovery. For decades, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has supported researchers who have been building a compelling body of evidence for this inspiring view of ourselves and the cosmos—and how to experience it ourselves. 

In this audio learning program, IONS scientist and Director Emeritus Marilyn Schlitz invites us to explore: 
  • Our natural affinity for empathy, creativity, expanded inner states, and continual transformation
  • Healing modalities unbounded by the current limits of conventional medicine
  • Aging—our cultural misperceptions, and empowering alternative views
  • The continuation of consciousness independent of the physical body
  • A deeper vision of living and dying informed by science and perennial wisdom
  • Your role in an emerging global awareness, and much more

Skeptical? Living the Noetic Life encourages us to hear the evidence, engage with many illuminating practices, and decide for ourselves—with this first-person investigation into our untapped human potential and the vast terrain of uncharted wonder that awaits us.

Program Highlights: 

  • Transformation—five key principles
  • Noetic insights and practices for health and healing
  • An inspiring approach to conscious aging
  • Practices for cultivating love, happiness, and wisdom
  • New perspectives into dying and death
  • Expanding your worldview in our rapidly evolving world



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Not Cohesive Review by mamaleah


Felt this talk was all over the map and rather vague in it's overall meaning. (Posted on July 31, 2015)

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Not so much .... Review by Sophie


I would prefer to hear more of the author's experience and not the thoughts of Michael Beckwith, etc (Posted on May 17, 2015)

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