Nourishing Intimacy
Cultivating Trust, Understanding, and Love in All Our Relationships

Renowned meditation teacher Tara Brach offers a powerful program dedicated to addressing the unique challenges of intimate relationships. With Nourishing Intimacy, Tara applies her special blend of gentle wisdom, masterful storytelling, and guided meditation training to help us cultivate self-compassion, overcome inner obstacles to love and connection, foster authentic communication, and cultivate healthy, openhearted relationships.




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A Mindful Approach to the Unique Challenges of Intimate Relationships

Why is it often so hard to truly connect with others, even those we care most about? “Our capacity to engage fully in relationship starts with becoming more awake and aware within ourselves,” says Tara Brach. With Nourishing Intimacy, this renowned teacher offers a treasury of tools and insights for cultivating self-compassion, overcoming inner obstacles, and fostering authentic communication. Recorded at a live two-day event, this training brings you Tara’s special blend of storytelling, tender guidance, and potent meditations for applying mindfulness and loving-kindness to our relationships, including:

  • Dissolving the illusion of separation that keeps us isolated
  • Awakening from the belief that we are unworthy of love
  • How we can manage reactivity during crisis and address the true needs underneath our surface conflicts
  • Practicing forgiveness, healing from past relationship trauma, breaking stuck patterns in conflict, and much more.

“When we are grounded in compassionate awareness,” teaches Tara, “we can stay heart-to-heart with another, even when we don’t see eye-to-eye.” Here she offers a gentle and practical guide for building healthy, openhearted relationships with Nourishing Intimacy.



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Simply Amazing Review by paul


Thank you Tara!! This was the right product at the right time! (Posted on May 30, 2017)

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