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  1. Transforming Grief

    Transforming Grief

    Marilyn Schlitz

    Loss is a complex issue. However, it is possible to emerge through our suffering with a greater understanding of ourselves and of our interconnection with life. Transforming Grief offers concise teachings and practical methods for accessing the wisdom hidden within our most difficult experiences. Learn More


  2. Freedom from Your Inner Critic

    Freedom from Your Inner Critic

    Bonnie Weiss, Jay Earley

    Transform your self-sabotaging inner voices into resources for confidence and self-worth. Learn More

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  3. Living the Noetic Life

    Living the Noetic Life

    Marilyn Schlitz

    A first-person odyssey into our full human potential and its vast terrain of uncharted wonder. Marilyn Schlitz invites us to explore expanded states of awareness and interconnection, healing, and transformational insights into living, aging, dying, and the vast global consciousness now emerging. Learn More

    $36.73 $46.87

  4. Death Makes Life Possible

    Death Makes Life Possible

    Marilyn Schlitz

    A companion to the documentary of the same name, Death Makes Life Possible offers readers an in-depth survey of diverse views on life, death, and the afterlife, revealing how each of these perspectives can inform and heal us, both individually and as a global society. Each chapter is filled with inspirational stories and lessons along with practical exercises to help us expand our understanding of life and death and embrace the mystery awaiting each one of us. Learn More

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  5. Death Makes Life Possible Book and DVD Special Offer

    Death Makes Life Possible Book and DVD Special Offer

    Marilyn Schlitz

    Our beliefs about what happens when we die define how we live today. And more and more of us are discovering a radical truth: when we release our fear of death, we open to an immensely richer life right here and now. But how do we incorporate this profound insight into our everyday lives? Learn More


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