The Mid-Life Quest

Mark Gerzon

Traces how we can emerge in our middle years with new goals and appreciation for life.



Each of us has the power to create a path through the wilderness of mid-life. Along the way there will be joy and pain, confusion and transformation. On The Mid-Life Quest, you will learn how others face this bewildering time and how, despite suffering and loss, you can rebuild a life far richer than you ever dreamed possible as a youth.

Mid-life represents a clashing of two selves, teaches Mark Gerzon—a “confrontation with the unconscious.” This author and expert in human development traces the lives of real people who have undergone a metamorphosis at mid-life. Afterward they emerge as deeper, more complex beings—with new goals and a new appreciation for the preciousness of life.

Gerzon unfolds a road map of specific ideas for overcoming mid-life's great challenges, such as: why we feel like failures in spite of professional success; the inner reasons for outward temptations; re-creating a better marriage at mid-life; how to have better health at 60 than at 40; and more. The Mid-Life Quest will help you rechart the course of your life, to find your way through the terra incognita of life's second half.


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Date Published July 01, 1993
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