The Women's Warrior Workout
Secrets of Inner and Outer Strength

A StreetWize™ self-defense fitness program to train your body and build confidence.
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Inside an award-winning dojo in Boulder, Colorado, a remarkable transformation is taking place. Women are learning a system for self-protection that was created by a woman for other women. And though the workout pace is intense, they radiate power and calm from within their bodies, where all true warriorship begins.

On The Woman's Warrior Workout, you will learn to train your body and your mind from the inside out, for maximum self-confidence in any situation. Teacher Melanie Murphy—named Instructor of the Year four times by the National Karate Association—shares with you the mental and physical building blocks of her Street Wize™ self-defense curriculum for women.

Here is Melanie Murphy's no-nonsense response to the fact that 46% of all women will face an assault sometime in their lives. No matter your size or your athletic ability, here is an intense, concentrated conditioning program for mental, physical, and spiritual preparedness. You will learn the secret for making yourself an undesirable target for potential attackers; how to spot trouble before it starts; and mental techniques to prepare yourself for instant action.

Challenge yourself to practice this program for prevention and preparedness three times a week. Soon you will learn to walk with serenity and strength, protected by the weapon of knowledge that comes from The Woman's Warrior Workout.

Learn more about:

  • A complete 35-minute workout to create a powerful Warrior Body
  • Zanchen: your inner weapon for presence of mind
  • Upper-body strength: why it is crucial, and how to build it up
  • Simple steps for self-protection—without moving a muscle
  • Tenacity and willpower: how to cultivate them
  • Exercises that build strength, endurance, and self-reliance—all at the same time
  • The same philosophy and conditioning program taught in the Street Wize™ system of self-defense



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Review for The Women's Warrior Workout Review by Lesley Foster


This is an excellent workout. It is a great core strengthening and balancing workout in a very short time. The end includes good stretches. The techniques of the workout are immediately useful for self defense while strengthbuilding. The repetitions of each set make it more instinctual. One of the very best workouts I've found. She does not waste time or energy. The abdominal workout does it all with no wasted moves. Highly Recommended. (Posted on September 21, 2010)

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Review for The Women's Warrior Workout Review by Sandy Coe


This is one heck of a workout - not for a beginner! I purchased the VHS years ago about 2 months after I joined our dojo. It keeps your skills and heart rate up. My husband who is strong and has always been fit skoffed at it initially and then I challenged him to do it "just once"...well LOL he couldn't complete it and couldn't lift his arms above his head for 2 days! He swallowed his words and his pride and agreed this was the most intense workout he has ever had - if you are looking to get into better shape and learn some self defence - this is your DVD - you won't be disappointed. (Posted on July 20, 2009)

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