In Touch

How to Tune In to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself

In Touch

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Your body has a natural sense of truth. We can feel authenticity in ourselves and in others. However, this innate wisdom is obscured by our conditioning—the core limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, and somatic contractions that fuel our sense of struggle and veil who we really are.

In Touch is a groundbreaking, experiential guide to the felt-sense of our “inner knowing”—the deep intelligence available through our bodies. Each chapter presents moving stories, helpful insights from spirituality, psychology, and science, and simple yet potent experiments for integrating the gifts of inner knowing into every aspect of daily life. Join pioneering psychotherapist and teacher Dr. John J. Prendergast to explore:

• The phenomenon of “attunement”—how we accurately sense and resonate with ourselves and others—including an introduction to attachment theory, mirror neurons, and interoception (the ability to sense into the interior of your body)

• Felt-sensing and the subtle body—our ability to have a whole-body sense of reality and how the seven major energy centers relate to common psychospiritual issues

• “Shadows as portals”—how our dark and painful feelings and sensations can point us toward an essential radiance within

• The art of identifying and undoing our core limiting beliefs

• The four somatic qualities of inner knowing—relaxed groundedness, inner alignment, open-heartedness, and spaciousness—and how these subtle signals, once recognized, can guide our choices and help us to navigate life’s challenges

• The fruits of inner knowing—the realization of who we are in our depths and the great intimacy with life we can all enjoy

“As we tune into our deepest nature, our body relaxes, grounds, lines up, opens up, and lights up,” writes Prendergast. “So far this extraordinarily useful subtle feedback has been largely overlooked; almost nothing has been written about it. We need to both sense and decode these signals if we are to benefit from them. These bodily markers are here to be seen and used as guides to enable us to more gracefully navigate life and to awaken. They are part of our birthright, available to anyone.”

Here is his invitation to start listening in a profound new way, deeply in touch with reality and our shared journey of awakening.


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Customer Reviews

Same Old Song Review by Toni J

Not a lot of new here. I think there is not much new here. The author seems to reduce awareness to physical rather than the other way around.

(Posted on 11/20/2016)

Timeless Review by philoatheart

Grateful for the opportunity to connect/reflect/meditate on most of my morning commute. Every word/experiment/experience shared by John resonated with me and my life journey. The book title "In Touch" made me a bit uncomfortable when Rick Hanson recommended it on his weekly email JOT. I didn't know what to expect or where this book would take me. But my inner knowing guided me to trust and open to a new experience of self. Truth is, I do not want to finish the last chapter, and this is a book I will cherish and revisit. I felt connected, safe, and trusted encountering JP in this honest and timeless journey. Like someone else shared in a review:

"John is the most gifted and humble psychotherapist I know.
His heart and presence match his infinite wisdom!"

Thank You, John.

(Posted on 3/10/2016)

Re-enlisting the body Review by Michael T.

“In Touch” has had a powerful impact on my sense of where I am on my spiritual path and how to proceed. In particular, it has helped me to open to present awareness at any moment by making somatic contact with my body. John identifies for the first time a set of “somatic markers of inner knowing,” specifically; a relaxed groundedness, inner-alignment, openheartedness and spaciousness.

Each of these experiences has become very familiar to me over years of practice, but I had never focused on them as practices in themselves. Doing so has had a powerful impact on my ability to use my body to make contact with the moment, and with awareness itself. The experience, for me, is one of falling out of my mentally constructed world and into a sweet and open presence. I feel a deep gratitude to John for his work here and I recommend the book to anyone who is on a spiritual path to inner knowing.

(Posted on 12/15/2015)

Great read! Review by Kelly

In Touch addresses the process of tuning into your inner guidance and learning to trust and move from it in a fresh, clear, grounded way. It's challenging to approach something so relative and subtle as 'discovering your truth,' let alone learning how to tune in to your body, and sift through the plethora of information it gives us. John Prendergast walks you through this process in a holistic way - from the science of attunement and attachment systems to sensing the subtle body, and more. I especially enjoyed the last half where he describes the four markers of being in touch with your inner guidance. They resonated with me as trustworthy and true to my experience. He makes something that could easily slip into the realm of abject relativity and unclarity (finding, and then acting from, your truth) seem very doable, solid, and reliable. Highly recommend!

(Posted on 11/24/2015)

Stellar! Essential for all helping professionals and meditation teachers and practionerb Review by jULIA

When can we hear an audio version of these fabulous embodied inquiry practices which will be masterfully offerrd by John?
This Essential collection of practical teachings and skillful means for awakening and integrating have not been found anywhere else in my 30 plus years practicing somatic therapies and meditation.

John is the most gifted and humble psychotherapist I know.
His heart and presence match his infinite wisdom!

You will be inspired and deeply benefitted by this book. And even more so by an Audio version , which will not only make these practical teachings more accessible but also enhanced by the living presence of John's energetic transmission

Don't hesitate!

(Posted on 9/16/2015)

The only thing lacking from this book is an audio version of all of that impeccable meditative practices and inquiries! Review by MandalaWeaver

The only thing lacking from this book is an audio version of all of that impeccable meditative practices and inquiries!
Sounds true when can we look forward to this addition? John's mellifluous voice and embodied presence will add a depth of transmission that will be deeply appreciated by all.

I've been a licensed psychotherapist for 23 years specializing in somatic based spiritual psychotherapy, I wish John's book had been part of my training!

This book should be required reading ( with practicums) for all counseling psychology graduate programs and somatic-based therapies.

(Posted on 9/16/2015)

this is the book to help me integrate. Review by lanny

I love this book! This book really shows me how to incorporate the body into spiritual practice, which I believe that body, mind, and spirit are not separate! This book is so deep but easy to understand. The author makes attachment theory and neuroscience easy understanding and accessible that everyone can read it. I also use this book as a reference book, which is not only contains useful information about body-mind-spirit, but also includes a lot of exercises that everyone can practices in daily basis. This is a great book to help me (or anyone) integrate body-mind-spirit as a whole. I really enjoy it.

(Posted on 7/14/2015)

The truth will set you free. This book is truth. Review by Jenny

A lovely, important book. In my first reading (there will be many), I was soothed by the words, and style. It spoke directly to the most real part of me, it felt grounding...almost meditative. I found it deeply refreshing, like a tall drink of water for the soul (and spirit). John writes about what is timeless, transcendent, divine, essential, and real. And this book is all of those things! I say that I will read this book many times, because it feels like another passage or understanding will come into focus as needed for where I am in my life. This time, I underlined one chapter in particular...almost every sentence! And I reread it as needed, and I am reminded of who I am...and am not. As a psychotherapist, I have already used some of the "experiments" in sessions with clients. They are welcome guiding cairns. :) Of all of the people that I know in the world, John is an expert on intuition. I highly recommend reading this book. As they say, the truth will set you free. And this book is truth.

(Posted on 6/18/2015)

A Terrific Read... Review by marigold

Beyond John’s exceptional experience, understanding and insight garnered over years of working with people, “In Touch” offers an often poignant and always pensive, poetic, personal and elegantly written journey into the wisdom of human hearts, minds and bodies—in short, a terrific and rewarding read. –Marjorie Bair

(Posted on 5/25/2015)

A very helpful book Review by Pari

I am pleased that I made this purchase. I have found the exercises and discussions of immediate benefit but also provide me with a grounding for longer term practice nourishing my spiritual journey. It has also been of great help, supported by other modalities, in managing and living with an anxiety condition.

(Posted on 5/11/2015)

your words resonate with me Review by John

I am a board certified hypnotist that practices deep inner work by connecting the mind with the heart and guiding my clients into their own self healing through the wisdom of the heart. I have been reading about the power of the heart energy and have found it is the most loving and gentle way to help others release their pain. I have been doing several presentations recently about the wisdom of our own bodies and the intelligence of the heart in the healing process of our deepest wounds.. I am looking forward to reading your book.

(Posted on 5/10/2015)

A comprehensive guide to full embodiment of the True Self Review by John

In Touch offers the reader a guided revelation to the process of effective self realization and full embodiment. It brings together to form one coherent approach the ingredients of unconditional acceptance, compassionate self inquiry, bodily awareness, felt-sensing, empathic attunement, and non-dual grounding. Prendergast not only provides lots of personal and client examples to illustrate principles but also gives the reader great experiential opportunities to self-explore and practice the process. For those already familiar with the subject matter the concise yet comprehensive concluding chapter summaries alone are worth the price of the book.

(Posted on 4/19/2015)


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