Induce Lucid Dreaming

Induce Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming: it's when you suddenly realize that you are dreaming … and then sustain that wide-awake clarity while in the dream state. For millennia, it's been used by ordinary people and advanced meditators for practical insights, self-discovery, and delving into the architecture of reality itself. Here, the pioneer of scientific lucid-dream research offers two guided sessions, one to play in the daytime and one to play at night before sleep. These are the same conditioning programs used to help train hundreds of "oneironauts" (volunteer lucid-dream subjects) at Stanford University and the Lucidity Institute.

Sounds True Practices are short downloadable audio sessions selected from our most popular courses. Affordably priced and ideal for beginners, they're a powerful way to use energy healing, guided imagery, meditation, and other proven practices at home or on the go. Put them on your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet device, or computer … and start experiencing their benefits today.

This session is excerpted from Stephen LaBerge's book/CD Lucid Dreaming.


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Customer Reviews

Review for Induce Lucid Dreaming Review by Helen O

I was rather disappointed with this purchase. It did not address the subject matter of inducing lucid dreaming. There was this annoying "gong" throughout the cd and stephen LaBerge saying "who is dreaming?" This is not my understanding of how a lucid dream can be induced through auto- suggestion. I had a previous recording from LaBerge which was better so I expected comparable quality. But, the cd was only $5.00 so it wasn't a big loss.

(Posted on 5/12/2013)


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Date Published February 07, 2011
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