Invoking Mary Magdalene
Accessing the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine

Tools for developing a devotional practice inspired by one of Jesus’ closest disciples.

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Recent discoveries of sacred texts such as the Gospel of Mary of Magdala and the Gospel of Thomas tell us that Mary Magdalene was independent, insightful, and courageous—a woman so inspirational that her voice can still be heard across the ages.

In Invoking Mary Magdalene, religious scholar Siobhán Houston invites you to develop your own personal relationship with one of Jesus' closest disciples, as she instructs you in a daily devotional practice of prayers, meditations, and visualizations from around the world.

With the exercises in this book and on the accompanying CD, Houston offers step-by-step guidance for accessing the wisdom of the Divine Feminine that Mary Magdalene represents, as you explore:

  • Novenas, rosaries, and seasonal rituals from the Gnostic, Kabbalistic, and Grail traditions
  • How to connect to Mary Magdalene in her Dark Goddess aspect to unleash your own fierce power—the energy that turns fear and illusion into healing and renewal
  • Reveling in bliss: realizing a euphoric adoration of the Divine that eclipses all earthly concerns, and much more

Whether you're discovering Mary Magdalene for the first time or have long felt an unquenchable desire to experience the presence of the beloved luminary, with Invoking Mary Magdalene, you will come to share Mary Magdalene's gnosis—her indwelling knowledge of the sacred—and witness the blessings of the one who has been called "the woman who knew the All".

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Review for Invoking Mary Magdalene Review by Martha N


Powerful Prayers, I use them often. (Posted on July 5, 2012)

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Review for Invoking Mary Magdalene Review by Gladie Hamilton


I have not had time to read the entire E-book but I have listened to the meditation and I enjoyed it (Posted on June 27, 2012)

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Review for Invoking Mary Magdalene Review by Shawn Hughes


I very much enjoyed the book by Siobhan Houston, very insightful and the visualization with the CD added the perfect combination in the experience of discovering the unforgetable journey of the life of Mary Magdalene. (Posted on May 18, 2010)

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Review for Invoking Mary Magdalene Review by Kim Rice


The tape was awsome I played it everymorning before I got up to get me on a positive journey for the day. I played it so much I need to order another CD. (Posted on January 20, 2010)

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