Kicking Sick
Your Go-To Guide for Thriving with Chronic Health Conditions

According to the CDC, one out of every two adults is living with a chronic illness. With Kicking Sick, Amy Kurtz offers this welcome guide—based on her firsthand expertise—to help you find the support, self-care essentials, and best medical and integrative treatment plan to improve your unique health situation.




Has a chronic health issue taken over your life? More than half of us in the US are struggling with at least one.

Amy Kurtz gets it. Starting in her mid-teens, she endured two perfect storms of illness that progressed into her twenties. It earned her the label “the sick chick”—and the shame, fear, isolation, and frustration that came with it.

She’s radically improved her health, and today she’s helping men and women of all ages live well regardless of their health situation.

With honesty, humor, and empathy, Kicking Sick shows you how to jettison despair, tune in to your body and inner wisdom, take charge, and build an effective support circle of medical experts, friends, and family. Kicking Sick also brings you essential advice from Amy’s own A-team of experts—the ones crucial to her own turnaround: her personal physician Mark Hyman, gastroenterologist Gerard Mullin, endocrinologist Philip Felig, Crazy Sexy Cancer author Kris Carr, new-thought leader Gabby Bernstein, and renowned yogi Elena Brower, plus many real life “glow warriors.”


  • Build self-empowerment, knowledge, and emotional support—the essential and often ignored foundations for feeling better and achieving optimal health
  • For anyone struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, unresolved pain, IBS and other GI issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorder, depression, autoimmune disorders, and many other health challenges
  • Foreword by Mark Hyman, MD, with valuable insights and support from Kris Carr, Elena Brower, and other members of Amy’s exceptional circle of expert colleagues



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